Love to play with your food? Join Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest to help Paula Deen recount her career in this match-3 puzzle adventure. Match delicious ingredients to learn some real life recipes! We’ll help you become a master chef with our Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

So if you are stuck at some point or you simply want to get better at this charming match three game, read on and prepare for a flawless run. Enjoy!

1. Don’t make moves recklessly!

Unlike other games, you actually waste a move if you attempt to move an ingredient into a position which would result in no match. Given that you have a limited amount of moves on each level, be sure to think out your moves before you commit to them!

2. Try to line up ingredients to get rid of frying pans!

On the frying pan levels, it’s best to try to match ingredients that are lined up in a fashion where they’ll hit multiple frying pans. This is the best way to clear out the frying pans, and usually most of the time they’ll be within close proximity of each other.

3. You have two retries!

The game starts you off with 50 coins. When you run out of moves on a level, you can buy another 5 for 25 coins. Aside from the initial 50 coins, there is no way to get more coins other than buying them with real money. Be careful when you spend these!

4. Keep matching for more points!

This game offers no extra moves bonus, meaning often times you’ll only get 1 or 2 aprons for doing well. If you’re going for 3 aprons for each level, as backwards as this sounds, try not to reach your goal as fast as possible. You need to earn more points in order to hit the threshold for the aprons, so match away!

Unfortunately the game stops you once you beat level 14, requiring you to purchase the next levels, thus ending our cooking adventure. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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