Party in My Dorm has been with us for a while now but a recent and complete graphical upgrade has turned into one of the most popular games on the App Store at the moment and probably there are quite a few people who are new to the game. For them, we’ve decided to create this article where we’ll share some Party in My Dorm cheats and tips to help you get started, fill up that dorm and be one of the best.

There are a lot of different strategies to adopt in the game and there’s really no “right” one, so mine might be a bit different than what you’d do, but it does work and you can easily adapt it to make it work for you as well! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Party in My Dorm tips and cheats below!

1. Strength or intelligence?
It’s good to start planning early on what your approach will be to building your character up: will you focus on strength or intelligence or you’ll try to balance both and be a jack of all trades? Well, no matter what choice you make, things will be just as difficult or simple for you in the game, in my opinion. So I would definitely recommend going for a balanced approach.

A balanced approach means that both your strength and intelligence should be of similar values. For this strategy to work, it would be best to hire the extremes: start with the dorm mate that gives you the biggest increase in strength, then go for the one with biggest intelligence. They will even out eventually and you will get the biggest value for your buck. Also, make sure that you always purchase the most expensive dorm mates as soon as you unlock them.

Alternately, if you want to specialize in either stats, then you should definitely focus on one skill instead of the other. I haven’t tested this method, but some people say that this is actually a better way to approach the game since it makes you an ace in either fights or dances. I am perfectly pleased with the balanced approach, though.

2. How to make more money in PIMD
Completing jobs is the obvious way to make some quick money in the game, but that takes a lot of time (still, you should do this as often as possible). However, there is an interesting new method to make a lot of money in the game:

Hire tutors! Tutors are two-way amazing items in the game: first, they increase your stats by A LOT if you choose them right and second, they have the potential to make you some nice bucks. When you hire a tutor, you pay a fee for their “services” and you get an increase in Strength and Intelligence. But they can be hired back from you at any time, and whoever hires them will have to pay more than you did. In other words, you always make a profit on tutors, so the more you have – the more money you make.

Alternately, you can go for this trick: find somebody you can battle and get a guaranteed win against, then buy all their tutors to increase the number of cash you get. Attack them three times in a row and you have a nice profit!

3. How to win your Fights & Dance Offs
Both fights and dance offs have the same effect in the game, but one requires Strength to be pulled off and one requires Intelligence. The easiest way to win your Fights and Dance Offs is to perform an Eavesdrop first to find out what your chances are. Choose players that have stats similar to yours (check out their profile and their St/Int ratio: if the numbers are lower than yours, then choose them as targets)

4. How to find great tutors
Finding great tutors is, in my opinion, best done via the Battle mode and not the Tutors search. Go into battle and you will find characters that have a similar level to yours. Most of them will also have some great stats and a low hiring value – so hire them as tutors instead!

5. Start evicting!
Remember those early dorm mates that you have brought in early on? Hopefully you haven’t leveled them up more than 2-3 times, because it’s time to evict them! As soon as you unlock dorm room #10, I would recommend getting rid of the first six dorm mates and replace them with better ones. It does cost some money, indeed, but you need the extra boost in stats and that’s the easiest way to do it!

These would be for now our Party in My Dorm tips and tricks – if you have other strategy advice to share, let us know by commenting below.


  1. I don’t recommend doing balanced stats, because if you ever just war, you’ll be pinned constantly by strength heavy players. Sure if you plan on becoming a party fairy, then balance is the way to go. But if you ever plan on warring, nope!

  2. To be blunt the best stat way is a party fairy party fairy RS with perfect stats this gives you more party hits and lets say someone wants to attack you and you are equal so you are an even build if you have a nice amount of mcs Plus lots of bmcs you’re always guaranteed to win most would say this build is unethical and makes you a target but really it comes down to your stat items the one with the most will will obviously but then you also have your RS bonus that will hit them hard without even adding your stat items but overall it offers the best approach to the game especially when you give yourself the alt to main approach to the game I am a seasoned player and have learned countless ways to play the game but this method is the best overall

  3. Someone on this game is asking for real life details, I am not giving them them because of things that have happened and I’m getting worried something will happen what I do ? Does anyone know

    • Report them to the game admins you can find them in the forums or use s help ticket I have done that a few times they do respond back within 24 to 48 hrs

    • B is bento, it’s 10 of each chibis the little dolls. Go to some high player and search in their showcase for a bento to see what they look like


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