Welcome back to the thrilling adventure of Park Escape! Our agents have finally met with this mysterious clown character, and now they’re on the chase. Let’s continue the adventure in our Park Escape chapter 4 walkthrough and tips guide.

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Forest Clearing

After a close encounter with the kidnappers, Bowen and Qiuyu will find themselves in the middle of a forest. Examine the hole in the tree twice to get a pinecone and key. Give the pinecone to the squirrel sitting on the branch and get the adhesive tape.


Examine the case on the road and use the key to unlock it to get the aluminum powder and brush. Combine the brush and aluminum powder. Examine the motorcycle and take the self-luminous key chain from the ignition.

Forest Clearing

Examine the sniper rifle, then use the key chain on the stock to find fingerprints. Use the brush on the prints to make a mold, then use the adhesive tape to collect a sample.


Examine the large case and input the code 4901.

The reader will then ask for a fingerprint, so use the tape. You’ll get a CD.


You’ll be suddenly in control of a little boy set in a 2D platformer. Tap on the arrows to move, and when you’re near an object you and interact with or examine, a touch symbol will appear over your head. Be careful – there are hazards around the level and touching any of them will force you to restart the entire section!

Examine the crate next to you to a get red crystal. Climb up the ladder and push the red button, then walk all the way to the right until you see spike traps on the floor. Watch the pattern carefully then cross when it’s safe to get the green crystal. Move right a bit more to find a console with a maze puzzle in it. Careful not to touch the blue jellyfish things.

Completing the puzzle will make a brick wall slide out. Use the green crystal on it. Push the red button to make a ladder ascend and then grab the pump. Move back to the left past the spike traps and the lever should be usable now. Pull it to lower the pillars and grab the baby statue on the left.

Head back all the way to the right and place the baby statute in the arms of the woman statue. Quickly grab the watering can and climb down the ladder to avoid getting crushed by the boulder!

Return to the left and use the watering can on the fish tank to get some water. Use the pump to suck out the blue crystal. Water the sapling and you’ll be able to climb up to the console at the top – use it and it’ll make the pillars reverse positions.

Return to the first floor. Go back to the crate and input this color code with the last one being green:

You’ll get another part of the blue crystal. Move past the deactivated laser to get a key, then return to the pillars on the second floor. Use the key on the left pillar to get the final piece of the blue crystal.

Return to the first floor where you started this whole section and place all of the blue crystal pieces into the door to escape.

Living Room

After the cutscene, Bowen and Qiuyu will be at the house of the listed address. Grab the fruit knife from beneath the telephone. Use it on the apple sitting on the coffee table to get a piece of paper with numbers on it. Examine the bed roll on the sofa to unroll it, then use the fruit knife to cut it open and obtain piece of a blue crystal.

There’s also a radio tuner on the table, and the paper you found has a clue to solving it, though the puzzle is a little outlandish. You need to count the amount of circles formed by numbers each row has. For example, a 0 would be one circle while an 8 would be two, hence why the “k104765” on the radio equals 2 circles. Counting all the circles on the paper will get you 3426, so input that.

The box will open to reveal two peculiar keys. You can take one out but the other will lock. Take the left key for now and head out into the garden


Use the key on the cabinet on the left to unlock it and get the nutrition, and take a closer look on the side for a clue. Examine the flower pots and use the nutrition on the yellow flower to obtain half a piece of plastic. Grab the broom.

Living Room

Place the left key back into the box and take the right key.

Second Floor

Head upstairs and grab the green crystal from the trash can. Open the yellow backpack on the floor and get the note and pencil box. Use the key on the left door.

Left Bedroom

Examine the sheets for a strange pattern. Open the rightmost closet door to reveal a puzzle. Your objective it to hit all of the arrow beads and then return to the black hole.

From the starting position input:

  • up x3
  • left
  • up
  • left
  • down
  • left
  • right
  • down x4

You’ll get the other half of the plastic piece, so combine them to get a plastic sheet. Examine the TV and you’ll see a top box with a slot – use the plastic piece and the TV will display a color code for the puzzle on the bottom floor.

Living Room

Examine the TV to get a triangle with three colors in it. Tap on them in the order you saw earlier: red, blue x3, and green. The bottom drawer will unlock, so grab the green crystal piece and combine them together.

Second Floor

Unlock the right door using the completed green crystal.

Right Bedroom

Examine the sheets for another part of the clue you found in the other bedroom. Examine the dresser. Open the drawer to get a red crystal piece, then grab the powder off the dresser. Use the powder on the mirror to reveal a clue. Look carefully and you’ll see numbers – 29467 to be exact.

Examine the stool near the foot of the bed and use the fruit knife to carve out the blue crystal piece. Examine underneath the bed and use the broom to drag out a piece of paper.

Left Bedroom

Examine the ottoman to find a 5-digit code key. Punch in 29467 to get the other red crystal piece. Slot the red crystal into the pencil box to get a pencil. Examine the dresser on the left and you’ll see a four letter code key. Remember the patterns from the sheets in both rooms?

Line them up and they spell out “ALIC”, so punch that into the key to get a hexagonal metal block.


Use the paper on the cabinet scribbles, then use the pencil to go over it and create a drawing replica of the scribbles.

Right Bedroom

You can now solve the puzzle on the closet door. Here’s the solution, but make sure to move the bottom child to the right one more space to the apple.

Grab the bulb and round stone.

Left Bedroom

Use the bulb on the lamp to reveal a club to solving the puzzle on the cabinet.


Use the round stone on the cabinet puzzle. You can select four sections of the puzzle: up, down, left, and right, and you can either rotate the pieces clockwise (right) or counter-clockwise (left).

  • left section: right x5
  • up section: right
  • right section: right
  • left section: right x3
  • right section: right
  • down section: right
  • right section: left

Grab the locked lunchbox. Examine it and put in 476 – this corresponds to the amount of petals on the flowers in the garden. You’ll get the final piece of the blue crystal, so combine them all, then combine it with the hexagonal metal block.

Right Bedroom

Examine the dresser on the right side and use the hexagram metal block to reveal a sliding tile puzzle.

Obtain the notebook inside, and that concludes chaper 4 of Park Escape!

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