King has just launched what I would call a very atypical game for their lineup, a sim title that includes farming and trading. Called Paradise Bay, this is surely a game that can draw in a lot of fans, and for all of them who are just starting up, we have a bunch of Paradise Bay cheats and tips to help you rebuild the island and become the ultimate Tradesman that ever existed.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below our Paradise Bay cheats and tips for a perfect strategy!

1. Make sure you’re constantly producing something: raw materials (like the farming items) are extremely important, but putting them to good use in the Woodshop, Weaver and so on is also extremely important. Any moment spent with any of your buildings or plots of land not producing anything can be considered a loss.

2. Keep an eye on your resources: you don’t want to run out of raw materials for your farm, like cotton, bamboo, pineapple and so on. So make sure that you have at least one of those available to avoid running out. My general rule is to only start producing something that requires a material if I already have at least one planted and waiting for me to get it back.

3. Focus on quest trades at first because they help you go through the story faster and they also give you more rewards. They also unlock new things which might not be available otherwise.

4. Be picky when it comes to the trades that are available. You can trash trades that seem difficult to get or those that give you little coins for the items you trade. You will soon start to know the market price of the items you’re selling and always try to sell for the greatest possible profit. Remember: the more complex the items are, the more you should expect to get for them!

5. Use Wesley’s exports to make some quick money: ideally, sell products a bit under the market value there to make sure that you get rid of them quickly, but in the end use Wesley’s Exports boat to sell excess stuff and free up inventory space.

6. The time lapse cheat
Some gamers have reported that they have successfully tried the “Time lapse” cheat: this involves setting the time forward on your device, then returning to the game to have all your items ready for harvest. In my case, this didn’t work and I doubt it works since most likely everything is synced with King’s server time, but you can give it a try and maybe you get lucky.

7. Complete trades for your different characters to increase the friendship level (hearts) which in return rewards you with treasure boxes. These are also randomly spawned on the island every now and then and you want to open them up as soon as they are available (but make sure that you have some free storage space): They usually reward you with extremely important materials, like items required for upgrading the storage!

8. Leave the items that need a lot of time to be produced for when you leave the game. As soon as you log in to Paradise Bay, collect the items that are ready, then plant and start working on those that are ready quickly. While you play, they will be ready and you will have some extra trade materials – then when you leave, set the buildings to produce the longer items. This way you optimize time usage in the game!

These would be for now our tips and tricks for Paradise Bay. Do you have other things to share or maybe you want to know some particular things? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. How can I get more pearls? Now that the bizare area has opened, I need a lot of pearls to buy goods, but now I notice I don’t get any by fishing. Is there another way to get them? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Have your turtles fish for crabs and fish…it’s random but you will find them eventually. Sometimes your otter will find them. Took me a while and had to purchase mine from the store until I started finding them. Some treasure chests have them too.

  2. This game is really addictive. But there are some much improvements to be made. The storage is too low. And the expansion costs too much ..

    • It’s impossible to sell the LAST of any crop. You will always be left with one. Plant it and wait, boom you get two. Build your supply back up.


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