The casual driving hit PAKO returns to mobile, and this time things are getting a little curvy! PAKO Caravan, the latest entry in the long running car chase simulator, combines classic PAKO gameplay with a new Snake-like twist!

PAKO Caravan is a somewhat more stress-free approach to the PAKO formula. Players will drive their little automobile around collecting cars to build the caravan behind them, instead of having to evade pursuers in high-speed chases.

That is not to say that PAKO Caravan is without challenge – expect the same simple and addicting yet difficult gameplay that the PAKO series is known for. The game is constantly growing in speed as you pick up more cars to build your caravan with, so take care not to crash into yourself!

Players will start the game off in a simple car park with static obstacles to deal with. Nothing too bad, but all bets are off when the game starts throwing in all sorts of wacky obstacles, including spinning discs on the ground that move cars around!

PAKO Caravan offers lots of replayability, with ten different levels to drive through, a hundred challenges to complete, and of course leaderboards to compete on.

PAKO Caravan is available now as a free download the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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