Paint It Back is a brilliant iPhone and iPad puzzle game that really kept me playing and managed to keep me hooked with its incredible mechanics and extremely fun way of having you put the thinking cap on and work up some logic. Of course, Paint It Back is not always easy and if you happen to get stuck while playing, I am here to help you with the solutions.

Below we have the Paint It Back cheats: Portraits solutions, with the screenshots of all 9 paintings and how to complete them. Enjoy!

Skinny Santa

Paint it Back Level 01

The Matchsticks Mia, Milo and Mitch

Paint it Back Level 02

Calisthenics with Farmer Joe

Paint it Back Level 03

Portrait of a Guy Watching TV Way Too Close

Paint it Back Level 04

Pony Close-up

Paint it Back Level 05

Man vs. Duck

Paint it Back Level 06

Falling Log Flattening Man

Paint it Back Level 07

The Face of Halloween

Paint it Back Level 08

Conjoined Twins in a Turtleneck

Paint it Back Level 09

I am working on completing the next set of paintings and as soon as I have them figured out, I will post them here at Touch, Tap, Play – so make sure to check back soon if you need more help! (Did it – you can check them out here)


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