Pac-Man is back on iOS and Android with all-new game that’s quite different from his previous adventures! Enter Pac-Man Pop, a new Pac-Man puzzle game! The ghosts are at it again, this time trapping all the fruit and pets in bubbles. Aim and shoot in this colorful spin on the match-3 genre! These ghosties aren’t the patient type, so let’s get right to it with our Pac-Man Pop cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Deal with the ghosts as soon as possible!


The ghosts in this iteration of Pac-Man are usually just watching from the bottom of the screen, but when they do actually show up on the board, they can cause some trouble. If you let a ghost make it all the way past the dotted line near the bottom of the board, they’ll steal a move from your total bubble count. It’s not too detrimental if one ghost makes it, but if two or more steal bubbles, it might rob you of a three star score on the level. After stealing some bubbles, the ghost will remain in place for one more shot. If you can hit ’em with the appropriate bubble before they run away, you can get your bubbles back!

Try to deal with them as soon as they move into open space. Remember that all you need to do is just hit them with a bubble that matches the ghost’s color. Alternatively, if you can finish the current board’s objective fast enough, they’ll reset on the next one. Sometimes it’s easier to just do that.

2. Be efficient with your bubbles against ghosts!

During the ghost levels, keep in mind that you only need a single bubble to reach the ghost in order to defeat it. The layers of bubbles around the ghost will rotate in an alternating pattern. One row will rotate clockwise, the next one will rotate counterclockwise, and so forth. You can use this knowledge to plan ahead and target specific spots to make a quick opening to the ghost. If you try to just match as many bubbles as you can, you’ll get nowhere quick, especially if there are a lot of bubbles to deal with. Try to be as efficient as you can when dealing with the ghost bubbles. You want to have many bubbles left over for those sweet bonus points!

3. Aim for the connection points!

You’ll quickly notice that the level layouts follow the same kind of “DNA structure” pattern. There will be small, thin branches that connect larger masses of bubbles. If you can, try to aim for these thin connecting areas. If you can take out the only connector of a big blob of bubbles, they will all go down with it if they have nothing else to cling to. Looking and aiming for the weakest spots is key to conserving your bubbles.

Of course, this requires a little bit of mastery using bank shots. You can use the preview line to get a small idea of where the bubble will go. Eventually, with enough practice, you should be able to accurate land your bubbles exactly where you want them to go using just the normal preview line. If you need practice, use the super line power up. This will extend the line to show you exactly where your bubble will land.

That’s all for Pac-Man Pop! If you have any other bubbling tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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