Pac-Man Party Royale Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning the Party

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Pac-Man Party Royale is finally on the Apple Arcade, and he has brought a simple yet amazingly fun multiplayer experience with him. It is you and three other Pac-Men – who will come out on top?

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In our Pac-Man Party Royale tips and tricks guide, we will cover the basics of Pac-Man while explaining the new mechanics in this game. There is still classic Pac-Man action to be had here, so get ready for some good old fashioned arcade action. Let’s get started with our Pac-Man Party Royale cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning the party!

Welcome to Pac-Man Party Royale!

Welcome to the brightest and most colorful battlefield yet! In Pac-Man Party Royale, your objective is to eat – yes, you heard that right – the other players and be the last one standing! To do this, you must be swift and move one step ahead of your opponents, and beat them to the power pellets and dots!

Eat as many dots as you can!

When a round first starts, do not immediately head towards the Power Pellet. You movement speed is so slow you will be hard pressed to catch up to the Power Pellet. Instead, you should take some time to eat some dots.

The more dots you eat, the faster your Pac-Man will move, which is integral to surviving and also eating the competition. If all of the dots on the board are eaten, a new layout will appear, giving you time to get more dots.

Get the Power Pellet and eat the competition!

At the start of a round, a white sparkle will appear somewhere on the board, and soon after the first Power Pellet will spawn in its place. When a Pac-Man grabs a Power Pellet, they grow large and become invincible for a little while, greatly increasing their speed.

In this state, they can eat other players and the ghosts. If a Power Pellet spawns, you should try to get it! Just be warned though – these things are very squirmy, and they will try to dodge you and lose you around corners. This is why it is important to have a speed boost from the dots!

Try not to chase the Power Pellet from behind, as it will simply run away from you and try to escape. If you can, try to corner it into a one-way path and come at it from another way so that it runs into you.

Once you have the Power Pellet, immediately go for your opponents. You are slightly faster than them, so you can either go right for them or try to trick them into dangerous situations.

Slam into opponents to knock them back!

If two normal Pac-Men collide, both of them will be sent flying backwards a short distance. This may not seem like a big deal, but you can take advantage of it by sending opponents into their doom.

For example, if a player is getting chased by a ghost or a Pac-Man that has the Power Pellet, you can trap them and knock them into whatever is chasing them for a secured kill! It may seem evil, but it is a great tactic!

Remember though – the same can happen to you! Watch your back at all times and remember to keep some distance behind you, as you too will be launched backwards when you collide with your target.

It’s not over when you are eaten!

When you are eaten by another Pac-Man or you run into a ghost, you will turn into a ghost yourself! In this state, you are a little slower than usual, but you can still move around like normal.

If you can manage to run into another Pac-Man while as a ghost, you will steal their life force and re-enter the game, while they become a ghost themselves! So, make sure not to give up when you are eaten, as you can still turn things around!

Just keep in mind that if sudden death occurs and the glitch starts deleting the arena, any ghosts at this point are automatically wiped out, so try to get back into the game before this happens.

Be wary of the glitch!

If a match goes on for too long and multiple players are still alive, the “glitch” will start to infest the arena. Starting from the outer rim, the glitch will slowly eat the arena towards the center.

Any Pac-Man that touches the glitch at any point is instantly killed, so watch your pathing and make sure that you do not run yourself into a bad dead end. Conversely, you can use this to your advantage by forcing your opponents into the glitch!

Use the teleporters to warp around!

Most but not all arenas in Pac-Man Party Royale have teleporters on the edges of the arena. They are denoted by a bright blue segmented line. Moving into one of these will transport you to the teleporter at the opposite end of the arena from where you entered.

This is useful for getting around much quicker and also for some shenanigans! You can confuse other players by going in a teleporter then making a u-turn. You can also get the jump on players that are hanging out by the opposite side too much. Careful use of teleporters will get you very far!

Keep practicing to perfect your Pac-Man skills!

Pac-Man Party Royale is a simple and self-contained game: there are no microtransacitons, no leveling, nothing for the long term game. It’s just you and three other players or bots in a fight for survival.

But, at the end of the day, despite its differences Pac-Man Party Royale is still a classic Pac-Man game at heart, and old arcade games are the ones that you need to practice a lot to get good at them. Soon, you too will be a Pac-Man pro!

Keep your finger on the screen for easier maneuvering!

You do not have to keep constantly swiping in order to get your Pac-Man to move. Instead, we find it better to keep your finger on the screen and just move accordingly. Your Pac-Man will continue to switch directions depending on how you move you finger, and this is much smoother than just swiping a lot.

That’s all for Pac-Man Party Royale! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pac-Man Party Royale Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning the Party

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