Pac-Man Dash is an endless runner featuring one of the most beloved game characters in history (and many more, actually). I am here to share with you a set of Pac-Man Dash cheats, tips and strategy advice for the iOS game to help you get the most out of your adventure and hopefully have you ready for eating all the ghosts in the game. It’s a real challenge – an impossible one,a actually, but one that you should take.

So without further ado, let’s step into the depths of Pac-Man Dash with cheats, tips and strategy talk!

1. Always aim to get high
And I am talking here about the game, not Snoop Dogg’s guilty pleasure. Try to go up, because that’s where most of the ghosts are, the special cookies (fruits and such) and better chances to keep going.

2. Don’t worry about dieing
Pac Man is invincible, so don’t worry that you might fall down from too high up. Even if you do, you will eventually land on something and Pac-Man will keep on running. Just try to stay on the higher platforms all the time!

3. Increase your time
You start with very limited time, but you can increase that naturally by eating ghosts. Try to eat as many as possible as soon as possible, because there will come a time when Pac will be too slow to catch them without special help (Dashes or special characters).

4. Aim for the Clear Bonuses
You get them when you complete a mission and they offer you all sorts of goodies, from power-ups to cookies. Have in mind that if you replay a mission you can never earn a clear bonus again.

5. Use power-ups only when needed
If you are very close to completing a mission, it’s a good idea to use a power-up. Otherwise, keep them in your pocket because there will certainly be a time when you will really need them. Alternately, buy more power-ups if you have a solid pocket.

6. Adjust interface: placement of buttons
If for some reason you find the default button placement not good enough for you, you can change that from the settings menu. Tap the icon looking like a wrench in the menu and select the one that fits your play style the best.

7. Buy items/powers with cookies
You need to stack up quite a few cookies, but you can purchase all sorts of really useful items (which are actually power-ups). I would suggest getting Cylindria as soon as possible (I got it at a discount) or Spiral as they do the same thing: allow Pac to double jump and collect ghosts from out of the screen, even fast ones. So they are great for missions where you need to eat many ghosts or run a long distance since eaten ghosts give you extra time. Also good are the spinner versions of these power-ups, but they are a lot more effective. Just make sure that you avoid the magnet ones as they have limited area and are a waste of money.

8. Buy special items in the shop
Want to get double cookies forever? Extra time? A brand new stage? You can do so by tapping the “Buy Special Items” button in the items menu, but these cost real money.

9. Take advantage of special offers
Every now and then Namco will let you try out some characters for free and then buy them at a discount (make sure you actually purchase them before the offer goes away).

10. Log in regularly for bonuses
Every few hours, if you return to play the game, you can get some really nice bonuses, so make sure you play often!

And this would be it – the rest is up for you to make Pack-Man reach his potential. If you have other tips and suggestions for our Pac-Man Dash cheats article, please share them with us below.


  1. Does not helped me so much, and there’s no cheat, only tips, do you know how to get more stamina without being online or without using stamina recovery? well i know the cheat, wanna know?


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