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In Overlords of Oblivion you can choose between 4 main classes, and that’s why in today’s article we will feature the Overlords of Oblivion classes guide! We will share everything that you need to know about each and every one of them, so make sure you give it a good read before creating a character!

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The classes each have their own range, and that’s why it is best that you pick one that you are more accustomed to. You could also create more characters, one for every class to try and see which one will fit your play style better, but if you read this guide carefully you won’t need another character! (Unless you want to try it out)

So, let’s dive right into the Overlords of Oblivion Classes guide!


This class wields some super cool looking weapons and has a unique play style. It is my favorite of the classes, because of the amazing looking skills, and also because it has huge burst damage, able to shred through bosses.

Damage: S

Defense: B

Difficulty: A

How to fight as a Bladedancer: With this class you need to use its abilities to position yourself away from the red carpets and still close enough to the fights to be significant. The mid-range of this class will help because it can play from a safe distance, while also not being too far from the action.

The Bladedancer is in my opinion the best class, but the Monk is not far from it either.


This class is a somewhat balanced one, able to shred the enemies fast enough while sustaining pretty well. It is a little bit more difficult to play than the other classes, but it is going to be very rewarding once you master it.

Damage: A

Defense: A

Difficulty: S

How to play as a Monk: You can withstand a few hits, but it’s best if you don’t. I mean don’t test its limits because if you want to complete the quests with 3 stars, it’s best to avoid the red carpets overall. Try positioning yourself around the boss and keep moving, because the boss hits will target your past location.

Given that the Monk has some gap closers, you can even run around to the back and jump right into the fight to further defend yourself from deadly hits. Even if his defense is quite high, don’t face tank everything because it’s not recommended.

Overall the Monk is up there in the best classes, along with the Bladedancer. If you master how to play this, it can even surpass the Bladedancer.


This class is my least favorite one, even if it’s not bad to play. In my opinion a Gun-lancer is good if you don’t want to be part of the action. It can do deadly damage from afar, so it is pretty safe to play. 

Damage: A

Defense: S

Difficulty: S

How to play as a Gun-lancer: Since this class is pretty safe in itself, you don’t really need to go out of your way to dodge red carpets, only do a little bit of moving here and there. Since you do quite some strong explosions, the clear speed of this class is top-tier.

It is among my least favorites not because it is not good, but rather because it is too safe to join the action, and I like being in the middle of the enemy pack.


A super strong melee class, a tank that is able to take on bosses head-on and is not afraid to step on the red carpets (even if I still don’t suggest doing so). The ability to shred through the enemy’s defenses is what makes his kit also deadly, while being an unkillable tank. 

Damage: B

Defense: S

Difficulty: C

How to play as a Berserker: This class is the easiest of them all to play as it can pretty much go into the fight and not have a care in the world. You can easily deal with the monsters when you play the Berserker, but the bosses aren’t hard either.

The defense shredding skills that this class has in its kit is super useful when it comes to taking down the strongest of enemies, but also its ease of playing doesn’t even require you to move to avoid the red carpets. 

So, in my opinion there are several things to take into consideration:

Do you want a class that can face tank anything and is easy to play, but has melee damage? Then you should play the Berserker.

Do you want to play safely from afar and easily avoid all the red carpets, while wielding some super futuristic gun? Then the Gun-lancer is for you.

You like taking part into the action, you like being in the middle of the enemy pack and slay them one by one? Try out Bladedancer or Monk!

All of these will come with some extras, so don’t judge a book by its cover because it can be changed! If you don’t like how a class looks, you can unlock Avatars for that class that act both as fashion (or skin) and improve their BR.

The classes have numerous Avatars and each of them have a unique look and come with strong skills. So once you decide on which class you like, fight in the Adventure Mode to unlock Avatars and try them all out!

My favorite one is the Bladedancer (as I mentioned above) because it seems to burst the enemies down the fastest, especially in the Arena! Also, I like fighting the enemies close-up. Another plus to the Bladedancer is their unique weapons and skills, which put on quite a show!

This is everything that you need to know about Overlords of Oblivion classes, but if you want a more in-depth guide about the game head on to our Overlords of Oblivion tips and tricks page where we detail everything that you need to know in order to level up, increase your BR and basically become unstoppable!

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Overlords of Oblivion Best Class & Classes Guide

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