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Overdrive City Guide: Tips to Get Better Cars and Expand the Business

Overdrive City Guide: Tips to Get Better Cars and Expand the Business

In today’s article we are going to g over all of the Overdrive City tips and cheats to help you get better cars and to increase the amount of items you produce, as well as expanding the business!

I really have to say that this game is something different – it has so many super interesting features, and amazing graphics combined which make the game really good, so that once you start playing I am pretty confident that it won’t be easy to stop anytime soon!

But enough wit the praising for now – you came here to learn all of the Overdrive City tips and tricks so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them right here below!

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Quickly play the tutorial

The game’s tutorial is not super long, but it will teach you well what you need to do in the game one step after another. It’s fun and engaging, and I really suggest that you do it fast because the quicker you done with the first Career stage, the better.

You will unlock a couple of cars from the Tutorial, and these will be your very first two cars in the game. They can carry you through much of the game’s Career (main storyline) and they are also plenty of fun to read and progress through.

As soon as you finish with the tutorial you will be able to upgrade your second car, which is an upgrade you should do in order to win against the first Boss.

Build all the buildings you have available

As you level up, you will unlock more and more buildings. You should try to build them and start producing with them because they will give you more and more goods. So remember – every time that you level up you will unlock several stuff, among which new buildings.

You can find them in the bottom left corner of the screen, in the Build menu. There you can see the types of buildings: Production, Assembly, Facilities, Special and Decorations.

All of them except for the Decorations can be used to upgrade your city, but the Decorations buildings are the ones which make it unique to you.

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Group your buildings for easier access

One way that you can make the game a lot easier is if you group all the buildings which have the same function.

For example, if you have 5 Industrial Buildings, then you should put them all next to each other so that you can spot easier when they finish producing and you can collect the items.

Unfortunately you cannot edit the roads that have been there from the very beginning, and neither a couple other buildings, but the rest can be moved around to make it easier for you to use. So I really suggest that you group them by category because it will make it all a lot easier.

Always produce something – don’t let your buildings idle

You should always produce something, no matter what it is. You can start manufacturing stuff from the beginning (Bolts) and the more you level up and make upgrades, the more items you will unlock.

I suggest that you set priority on some of the items which you need the most, but still not neglect the others.

For example, if you need some Terminals, then try having 1-2 buildings focusing on that and the rest continuing producing the other items.

It’s good to not lock all of the buildings on a single item which takes forever to produce, because if you want to progress and need another item in the meantime – Bolts for example, then you can produce the item in one place and continue playing while the Terminals are producing.

Make extras of everything

Something that I really found useful while I was playing is that producing in advance some extra Bolts or some extra Nut Rivets is really good, because they are going to come in handy quite a bit.

It’s good to produce extras while you are waiting for a building to finish upgrading or to collect keys or so, because these extras you can use to Service other cards in the mentime.

I suggest that you always save up on everything whenever you can because even if you don’t need them right away, they will be necessary for something at some point.

So it’s good to have them if yo can produce them, because then you won’t need to get your Industrials busy with other items.

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Don’t clatter the Storage

While trying to get more items, you might actually forget to use them. And that is not good, because once your Product Storage gets full it is not going to get anything else.

You can increase the Storage by using Tarp, Beams and Rivet, items which you obtain by watching advertisements or leveling up.

So while you are limited to some storage space, you can expand and use some of the items which you have in there to still keep it empty for as long as possible. Still, eventually you will have to upgrade it.

Service all the cars you can

Whenever you are saving up some extra parts, you should definitely use them to upgrade your cars first (we will talk about this below) and then you should use the remaining ones (until you make more) to Service more cars.

This will give you EXP, as well as Keys and Gold, which you can use to play more in the Career mode or to buy various items.

Try to service the cars which give you the most EXP and Gold first, and then you can try to do the other ones. It will only take a few seconds, so if you want to level up fast, definitely this is a good way to do so if you have plenty of parts saved up.

Tap on the player gifts

Sometimes you will notice some cars on the streets which have a blue glowing gift above them. Quickly tap on them and claim this gift because it can be anything, from EXP to Keys, Cash and Credits! So it is definitely worth it – try not to miss any gift!

If you are not really sure what to do in game, whether because you are out of Cash or parts, or all of the facilities are busy with other parts, if you are out of Keys and want to play in the Career mode, just keep an eye on these gifts and when you see one, pop it! You might get a Key exactly when you need it the most!

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Watch an ad to get free random rewards

If you want to get some free random rewards, then all ti takes is a few seconds spent on watching an advertisement. You can do this at the Video Ads Truck, and in return for watching the ad, you can earn Blueprints, Cash or some random useful reward! So definitely do this whenever it becomes available because you will not regret it!

Invite more friends and get goods

In the game you can add more friends and visit their cities to see how they are customizing them. You can also visit their center to purchase various parts which are available there. Take for instance Henry’s city – you can visit that every day and purchase several items.

To add a friend, you will need to invite them by using the code. Head on to the Friends menu and there tap on the green “Invite Friends” button. There you can see your ID and when you write the ID of another player, you can add them!

Feel free to leave your IDs down in the comments below so that other payers can find you more easily! My ID is #faf2a – feel free to add me if you want!

Clear the obstacles and build your dream city

There will be random trees and rocks, and sometimes lakes which you will eventually have to clear out if you want to expand your business. However, you can only clear them if you have the required item for it.

So when you have one, try to think carefully where you want to use it because at the beginning you won’t have a lot of them!

You can then start building all kinds of roads, terrains and buildings and have fun decorating your city however you want! I personally haven’t seen a lot of snowy ones, so that is what I am going to try and do!

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Check the Research Center every few hours

The Research Center is a building which has some random blueprints for cars. They will refresh every 4 hours, so you can check it out a few times every day. Try and buy the items which you want the most and not waste your Research Points on everything because it will not be worth it.

The best is if you can buy some Rare car Blueprints, so you can save your Research Points for that when it will come!

These would be all of our Overdrive City tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks that you would like to share with us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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