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Outerplane Tier List & Reroll Guide | Outerplane Reroll Tier List

Outerplane Tier List & Reroll Guide | Outerplane Reroll Tier List
Image via Smilegate Holdings Inc.

Since starting Outerplane you are probably wondering which of the many strong and beautiful heroes you should choose to bring into your team. Each of them has their own strengths but to know you are able to your own team partly depends on the gacha element of the game! Let’s explore how you can make the most out of Outerplane and get the right team set up with a reroll guide and tier list.

Best characters to choose in Outerplane

As the game is still in its early stages, there aren’t hundreds of characters but the selection is still great. There are over 40 to choose from so you still have a great range to explore! We have split the choices below into four tiers: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier:

  • S Tier is made up of the strongest and best choices. These have great skills and are perfect for any team.
  • A Tier are strong heroes but not as great as S Tier. They have strong skills but perhaps not as special as S Tier.
  • B Tier are the most regular heroes that really need upgrading to make them decent additions to the team.
  • C Tier are very basic characters with not much going for them, easy to get but not worth keeping for long.
Image via Smilegate Holdings Inc.
SCindy, Veronica, Tio, Valentine, Dolly, Noa, Stella, Saeran
AVera, Beth, Eliza, Adelie, Faenan, Kate, Laplace, Leo, Maxwell, Marian, Francesca, Rhona, Snow, Sofia
BAlpha, Iris, Naru Kang, Eva, Pesketh, Philia
CTanya, Alice, Claire, Guizan, Yuri, Shu, Rico, Sigma, Parti, Lisha, Orox, Bleu, Fenrir, Flamberge, Idith, Laine, K, Lily

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How to reroll in Outerplane

Rerolling is a pretty simple way of attempting to get the characters you want so you start the game right with more powerful heroes. If you don’t get who you want when you first begin you can follow the steps below to start again:

  1. Launch Outerplane
  2. Make sure you log into a guest account
  3. Complete the tutorial
  4. Grab all the pre-registration rewards
  5. Claim any free rewards using these redeem codes
  6. Go to the gacha to summon all the characters you can use your free rewards
  7. If you do not pull who you want, head back to Settings
  8. Clear save data in Settings
  9. If you do get the characters you want then continue to create a full account via Account Settings

You can do the above steps 1 to 8 as many times as you can stand to, although repeating the tutorial ten times might become tedious! Reroll as much as you want, and once you have a good selection of heroes as shown in our tier list, you can continue with the Outerplane!

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Outerplane Tier List & Reroll Guide | Outerplane Reroll Tier List