Orbitum is a new game from developer Happy Magenta. The title is sort of hard to describe and can only really be explained as a more cerebral experience. There is a lot of trial and error involved in the game, but fans hoping for a challenging game, will find a lot of love in Orbitum. Basically it involves the player cast as a small circle predestined to loop around over and over again in a circular and unending line. Those seeking a unique experience marred of some of the traditional game styles of normal iOS games will find a lot too love here. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you double or even triple your score at Orbitum.

Orbitum is a challenging experience not made for those lacking patience. Take a look at these cheats and strategies that will help you master the game even quicker than you would have otherwise.

1. Be mindful of the rhythm

While Orbitum does not require players to master the rhythm, it still uses the rhythm to its own advantage. Keeping track of some of the ways that the game uses the beats is essential. The time the rhythm slows down or speeds up, can significantly alter the way that the game should be handled and could result in your untimely death. Players need to pay close attention to what is happening with the different beats at all time.

2. Watch the dots

Without keeping a close eye on the dots, this could be another way to end your game streak far too early. However, dispatching the green dots will allow players to receive a higher score. This is a delicate balance to navigate throughout the game. Knowing exactly when to place a tap on the screen could change your gameplay sessions of Orbitum drastically.

3. Trial and error

Even with an explanation as to what’s happening before you’re playing the game, during the experience the pressure is on. Getting caught up and not knowing specifically how to advance can cost some unnecessary frustration. Instead, an intense lack of patience will hurt the gamer in the end. Try to go with the flow and gradually increase your score as you continue to play Orbitum.

4. Navigate advertisements with caution

Towards the beginning of the title while you are dying at a higher rate, there will be a fairly aggressive advertisements piece that will be annoying to click through. Not getting frustrated with the experience and getting better at the game is a smart way to interact with the title. Upgrading to the premium version of the game is another way to side step the annoying advertisements but it’s certainly not required.

5. Wait until it is possible to tap any further

Random tapping is going to lead to certain death. This is a tip that should be advised early on in the game. If you’re not smart about choosing when to go next, a fail state is far too likely. The two things that you have to factor in at all times are: 1) whether there is a red dot about to kill you, and 2) whether or not you have enough space to go on any further. Using both of these tips is entirely necessary in order to rack up the score past 100 or anything higher.

6. Tap smart

In the beginning of the game you can get away with tapping a lot during your first five or six circles that you progress through. This will streamline the experience making it much easier for you to get past some of the other hurdles that you may experience in the game. Knowing exactly when to tap and how to tap is something that you will refine overtime. When you are first playing, this tip is not likely going to help you very much, but as you get better, it will help you fly through the first few circles. Tap smart. Tap frequently. Tap often.

7. The blue squares are your friends

Finally it should be advised that these blue squares can help you move across the game much faster skipping tons of different lines. Chaining these moves that are already extremely effective together can result in a quick high score multiplier. In other words, using the green circles in blue squares to your advantage is one of the best tips that I can offer you to play through the game.

Orbitum is a challenging experience that will test your patience and twitch-based gaming skills, and whichever gameplay section that you are currently embarking on, happy orbiting!

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