Embark on your own medical drama journey in Operate Now: Hospital! As a newly appointed doctor to a struggling hospital, you’ll pave your own path and build reputation for the hospital, while learning the origins of the hospital through a dynamically told storyline.

Assign staff to proper facilities and take to the operating room yourself to save some life in this exciting hospital simulator. We’re here to show you way doctor, so scrubs on and get ready for our Operate Now: Hospital cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Ready to hone your surgical skills? Let’s get started with our Operate Now: Hospital tips and tricks guide!

1. Upgrade the Break Room as soon as possible!

We know you’re going to be swamped with new facility costs and the training packs will only make that worse, but you should set aside some extra cash to save for the Break Room. The Break Room is the backbone of your hospital, and a stock Break Room will make you fall behind very quickly if once you start hiring a lot more staff members.

Upgrading the Break Room will give it one more slot letting multiple staff recover their stamina at once. Early on it’s okay to keep using the default one as you won’t have many staff members yet, but you’ll need to upgrade as soon as you can.

2. Always go for the Premium packs!

The Training Packs have training cards inside them that allow you to level up your staff. The regular Training Pack costs 8,000 cash and the premium one costs 40 golden hearts. The regular one has 10 random cards of one type, while the premium one can net you up to 100 cards of one type, with a minimum of 40.

While you can buy the regular pack if you’re really hurting for cards, we think that cash can be better spent on new facilities and upgrades.

The regular Recruitment can net you either a normal or silver rarity staff member, and it costs a whopping 60,000 cash. The Premium Recruitment has either silver or gold staff members in it and costs 120 golden hearts.

This one is a no-brainer – that massive amount of cash can also be put towards facility upgrades, like the aforementioned Break Room upgrade! Since golden hearts can only be used for these premium packs, speeding up tasks, or on consumables, we think this is the best way to spend them.

While you can sometimes earn golden hearts from completing certain tasks, your main source of them will be from the advertisements. You can opt to watch an advertisement in the shop for five golden hearts. You can do this twice every five or so hours.

3. Speed run the operations!

At the end of an operation, you are graded on three different factors: the patient’s remaining vitals, the time remaining, and any mistakes you made, if any. This score is then multiplied by a number equal to the operation’s difficulty.

The harder operations have a better multiplier. Getting high scores nets you more reputation for your hospital, so you’ll want to do the operations as fast as you can without making any mistakes. Swiftly but surely as they always say! Here are some tips.

  • Making incisions with the scalpel can be done quickly but you can’t think about it – just do it! After applying the gel, select the scalpel and smoothly draw out a quick line in one go. Once you get the hang of it speed incisions will be natural to you!
  • Suturing with the needle is done faster if you make long sutures. Long sutures cover up more of the wound, adding more to the percentage completion. Smaller sutures only add a little bit.
  • You don’t need to memorize exactly where each bone fragment goes during broken bone segments. As long as you place the fragment in the general area of where it was extracted from, it’ll automatically slide into place.

4. Keep cycling out your staff members!

Keep an eye on the staff’s stamina levels. You can see what state their in by the color of the ring around them. When staff members drop below 75% stamina, their stamina ring will turn yellow and below 25% it’ll turn red.

This doesn’t seem to affect their efficiency for their currently assigned task, but if you let it drop all the way they will automatically be ejected from their current task. This can be pretty bad in certain situations so it’s very important that you’re always cycling out resting members and active members into the break room. Don’t neglect your hard working nurses and staff!

That would be, for now, our tips for Operate Now: Hospital. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve just started playing and it’s telling me to assign Barry to the break room after swapping him with Amy, but I click on the break room to assign him and he doesn’t appear in the staff bar – all that is in the bar is a button for ‘add more staff’. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you overcome it?

    • Click the bottom left 3 horizontal lines, then click on the sillohette. Choose the person you want to train, then on the right you will see what you can improve, stamina, cash flow, or time to complete a task

  2. I’m having trouble with the new energies task. It tells me to recharge the stamina of 5 different staff members and I have, but the task never gets completed. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I am on assignment “taking over” step 2 of 5 and im stuck. A new update has informed me i need a doc AND the proper room but idk how to do that. Add a doc, no prob. How do i get the assignment to accept the room or whatever….is this making sense??

  4. Why is my cash going down when I’m collecting? It shows as a + amount when I tap the cash, but when it goes to the total at the top a negative figure comes out. Why?

  5. I have the task taking over 5/5 and it says I need staff?? I don’t understand it at all.. Did anyone get past this and if so how?? Ty for any help

    • You won’t get a ton of operations everyday. You may only get a few a day but the quicker you complete one the sooner another will show up. The game is really more about the hospital rather than the operations.

  6. How do you beat the oncological surgery I have to remove a tumor from the stomach but I can’t get past the second step. It keeps telling me to clean the wound using quick wipes but all it does is killing the patient I’ve tried like 12 times and I keep losing.

  7. My patients are always full while my beds are always empty. What is the difference? How do I fill my beds????? I need to get a ward 3 but I can’t fill the beds I have now!!

    • So you get the patients from the reception and the ambulance garage… they go to ur medical rooms (examination, mri , operation room,,,,) after that they go to fill the beds.. which is not a good thing becuz u need to admit new patients and if you dont have beds u cant treat them at the medical rooms!

      • Right! If your patients are full and beds are empty, your doing a good job. You DONT want your beds to be full because then you cannot admit any new patients.

  8. Help please!
    Leave 5 the growling Bowles. I’ve used the lazer to remove the polyps but I can’t close him up and move on. It just says short quick swipes but it kills the patient. Argh!

    • You just finish you tasks whoch gets you reputation points…surgeries and such.. reputation basically means level.. so you have to level up..

  9. I am at level 21 now and i think ive run out of tasks… with the major surgeries the need staff members…. or am i missing something i dont know

    • Try, try, and try again, I have bought so many new staff, however if you look at how many staff you can have you will notice that you only need like 6 or so auxilery staff where as you need a crap load of nurses, it is random, you get whatever, it has taken me forever to get a second auxilery however I have nurses for man and beast, same with surgeons I have loads but no doctors

  10. Need some help with level 9 orthopedic surgery. I have assembled the bones and about to close the wound but I am doing something wrong with closing it. I have progressed as far as 72% with the closing but probably used 30 stitches. All other levels I have done surgeries with no problem. Any help appreciated.

    • This happens to me a lot. When suturing, make sure you’re using longer stitches. That should close the wound quicker than multiple short ones.

    • I believe that the best way would be to keep your paramedic rested and upgrade his training when you can. Make sure the flow of ambulance to reception to examination room is staffed. Hope this helps!

      • That doesn’t work. My paramedic is a silver and so is my nurse. Their energy level is still in the green and was just full. I’ve had exactly zero patients all night. Something’s not right.

          • Well if the reception and ambulance aren’t accepting patients, it’s usually because there is no where for patients to go. Meaning that the ward may be full and has caused other departments to shutdown

      • If you have an iPhone you have to sign out of the Game Center App then uninstall the game & reinstall it. Once you open it, Game Center is going to want you to sign I, decline the offer, & you should be able to start all over. You can sign back into Game Center anytime once you start playing

    • I believe that you have to keep your money generating rooms always staffed and the staff recycled often so they’re rested. You can also make sure that they are upgraded in (dedication?) to ensure they are earning the most money.

  11. For some reason, every time my patient goes into cardiac arrest it won’t let me click the buttons and I get an X for each one and nearly lose my patient.. what am I doing wrong?

  12. I am trying to assign the auxiliary to the break room but it won’t let me and he isn’t assigned for any other tasks. How do I do this?

    • You have to sign him to the pharmacy so that the stamina drops, and then you can assign him to the break room, which you cant with a full stamina

  13. I bought training cards, but I can’t figure out how to use them. I try training m staff, but idk where my cards are, so I have to pay cash even though I see I have cards. Just don’t know how to use them.

  14. I’m stuck. My season 1 is saying I need Ward LVL 2. I have 3 Wards but they’re all LVL 1s. How do I get a LVL 2?? There’s like NO instructions for this game. Super frustrating.

  15. I have trouble doing the risky business task. Where the staff needs to keep Rick overnight. I tried recharging my staff members. It didn’t help. I need help!!! lol

  16. Do you have to be a certain level before being able to upgrade a room? Nothing shows up for the option to upgrade when I click on the ward. Also when I click on one there is a section that says “earning bank” with a zero/another number, what does that mean?

    • The earnings bank is the amount of cash the room can hold before it fills up and stops earning more and you have to take the money so the room can earn more

  17. Mine keeps saying more episodes coming soon. It’s still season one. My husband went right on to season two but mine won’t go past episode 11. How do I move on?

    • I’m having the same issue. I’ve been stuck on season 1 forever. I’m running out of things to do. Most of my departments have been upgraded as much as possible. It’s very frustrating!

  18. I’ve been doing surgeries and my patient goes into cardiac arrest, I don’t know how to proceed, it lights up a button and I press it but get an X and lose a heart … help

    • You have to time them “JUST RIGHT.” With practice you will eventually keep it. Every patient that goes into cardiac arrest utilizes the same “rhythm” of when the buttons will highlight. ALSO if you have a screen protector (such as one that’s built into an otter box) then this may also hinder the game recognizing you pressing the button. You would have to adjust sensitivity settings. HOPE THIS HELPS!

  19. Help! How do I restart the game? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling loads of times and it always takes me back to where I left the game. (Playing on IPad mini)

  20. Does anyone know exactly how to save someone what is in cardiac arrest? A patient died like 3 times because I couldn’t figure the machine out. Any help?

  21. I am stuck on removing the tumor. Once I remove it with the forceps, I can’t get pass that. I did it before, but can’t get it anymore. Does anyone know what to do?

  22. I’m on level 15 and there is a task surgery that is an extreme foreign object removal. I remove the object just fine, however when I go to stitch the patient up, it keeps giving me “Xs” no matter where or how I touch. Help!

  23. My wards are not making any money. They are fully staffed and upgraded, and there are plenty room for more patients. There are no Marks, all the other rooms are making money???

    • The room needs to be staffed with a Dr. That has stamina. If you have a nurse admitting patients and ambulance bring in patients, it’s done automatically as long as there is a Dr. I. The exam room.

      • I think raising their skill for earning more money won’t change anything, cause, like you mentioned before, he doesnt’t really earn a bit of money. ;)

    • There are tasks in the game when you have to assign different kinds of staff to complete them. Upgrading the skill of nurses and paramedics will help when you need to assign them to one of those tasks, but does nothing when they are assigned to wards or the ambulance bays.

  24. Each time I click upgrade on any of my words, it will show upgrading but once I close my phone and come back it’s gone and the building is not upgraded.

    • Upgrade!! Don’t waist money and space on buying new rooms before you’ve upgrade the old ones. Many upcoming tasks are going to require the room to be upgraded before you can start the task.

  25. Some other sort of Question:

    I would like to play the same Savegame on two different devices. Can anybody help me?
    I connected the other device with the same GP- and FB-Accounts, but on the second device the game only starts from the beginning. :(

  26. Okay i have to have a doctor of 180 stamina but i only have one of 175. ive tried upgrading her again but she stays at 175. how do i get her to 180?

  27. Why bother giving the nurses skill points if they don’t acquire cash for working in wards or reception? Am I missing something? It seems like a waste! I have 865 extra skill points! Everyone else is maxed out but I don’t see a reason to use them on nurses.

  28. Should update the app to allow players to swap things like extra dedication, skill, or empathy points! ;)
    Also sad that I won’t get the new trach operation since it was added after I finished season 2. Grr. Please hurry with season 3!

  29. Don’t upgrade the “skill” on nurses and paramedics. The level of skill only increases the amount of money you earn, and those professions don’t earn you money. Focus equally on all 3 elements with Drs and surgeons, focus on “empathy” with nurses and paramedics, as it increases their speed so they can gain and get out patients faster. Everyone but auxiliary needs as much “dedication” as possible, so you don’t have to swap employees as often. But once you have at least 2 auxiliaries with a minimum dedication of 125, the second will fully recharge before you need to swap without the break room. You can then solely focus on skill with auxiliaries because they only exist to make you money.

    • Yes, you need dedication cards to upgrade the stamina, you also need cash, if you ran oit, buy training packs in the store and also check the free rewards box, also these only give you a CHANCE to get the cards you need to upgrade, hope I helped,

  30. Is anyone having trouble upgrading? I keep getting an error 0. I wrote to support and they tell me to do all of the things I told them I already did. It
    s been days since I played

  31. Hello! I’m a pro on level 15! I got 2 questions: 1: is there any way to get the staff you want quicker, I need a paramedic to build another ambulance garage but I keep getting nurses! And also: I saw the suction tool in my surgery kit, I never used it, have I missed something or will I use it later down the line? And, like I said, I’m a pro, so feel free to chat about anything to me!

    • Suction does come later – I think in season 2 – later on- not sure the level.

      Also- It’s random for the staff.

      However at times – they will pop up with “deals” where you can buy said staff right now – for a limited amount of time-
      Sometimes a paramedic is in the mix.

  32. Hi all, only start planing and my waiting room is empty for the last few days, so I have nobody in the hospital. Dose anyone know what can I do to change that?

    • Well, you mean playing right? Well, when the break room is empty, that doesn’t do anything, but probably the case is, all your staff’s stamina has gone down to 0! That means they can’t work! Assign and swap people to the break room and give stamina consumables if you have to!

    • Omg i thought break room! So sorry! Well, the waiting room takes a long time to get patients! Try building an ambulance garage! It will ask you on the mission tab to get an ambulance garage too! Hope I helped!

  33. Please help I am stuck on level 5growling bowels I can’t seem to get past the laser I can sometimes get past the first one then get to the part that it goes into cardiac arrest but then when I have to do it again I can’t figure it out I am about to break my phone lol please help !

    • The cardiac arrest was hard for me too at first, but it is fairly simple, you must tap the buttons at the right time and slide the buttons as fast as you can on the defibrillator. it will indicate to tap or slide, you tap at the roght time for the first 3 buttons and slide for the last 2! Then slide the pads onto the indicated spots and then tap at the right time! Hope I helped

      • Can anyone help ? I’m on season 1 and its telling me to go do something in research but it says locked next to it. When I try to go to my research lab nothing happens when I click the button for it to start. I have more then enough money. Can someone help? Thank you

  34. Thanks but what it was I didn’t know that after I used the laser I made it through the cardiac arrest then I thought I had to laser again didn’t know under the laser those were wipes thanks so much but now I am having another problem every day I have been able 2 watch those videos to get the free hearts today it hasn’t worked at all has just continued to let me watch the videos I wrote support but they said could take up to 48hrs for reply any suggestions

  35. I am on level 18 and I have completed all my tasks the ones that are showing available are locked until I reach level 19 what do I do someone please help asap

  36. Well, this is because you will need to have the right staff and the right room, you probably haven’t upgraded the room you need! Upgrade the room by clicking on information on the room, and once you get enough cash, select upgrade! Hope I helped!

    • Because of the update, there is a research topic. You will need the right staff, cash, and the right tools (like blood bags and stethoscopes). When you do it. You will get some rewards! (Like, for six hours, your wards discharge patients quicker). The medical pack is used to randomly get some stethoscopes and stuff like that. And you will need to do this as this also is a mission.

    • It was sorta simple for me, I only did this once. Today. It is like the defibrillator and the others: tap and swipe at the right time. This was in a recent update. By the way.

  37. How the heck do you do the surgery bit where it gets to having to give an injection for an allergic reaction and the bit for cardiac arrest? I don’t understand the circles that flash up, i always fail on both of these can anyone help please?

  38. I have a red light and scalpel on my ER. I tried surgery twice, but each time it wouldn’t let me complete the stitches. They were long, like all the other stitches I’ve done. Now, it won’t even let me click on the surgery. The room status is “OK.” What am I doing wrong?

    • I am not there yet. But from all the things you said. I think it is a glitch. Tell the develepors about it, I will hopefully get back when I get to it. :)

  39. hey you guys, i want to reset the game because idk i suddenly get poor tho. but when i delete the game and re download it, the account still the same. i turned off the game center and it still not working. help please☹️

      • I do not know about resetting the game. I tried it until I changed my mind. Then it randomly reset when I didn’t want it to. I think it has been patched. I think there should be an option to reset the game in a recent update. ;)


    • Please, calm down! The stitches are hard for me too! Try to do the stitches fairly apart on the wound. You might have to restart every once-in-a-while. Hope I helped!! ;)

  41. I’m still really struggling on tapping the circles at the right time in cardiac arrest, fading vital signs, allergic reactions and such. I read an above post and tried it, but I’m still struggling. Tips?

  42. I’m having trouble on season 2 episode 6 foreign object removal surgery. I’ve never had any trouble with stitches before and on this one it fails every stitch I do. Is there some trick I’m missing? I’ve tried long and short stitches close and far apart and nothing seems to work.

    • At the bottom left corner, go to the button (with triple lines). The select the first icon. Then click on the staff you want to train. However, you will need training cards for each ‘dedication, skill & empathy’ upgrade which you can get at the shop.

  43. It says the new department (ICU and Emergency room) needs more stamina before it will work I tried upgrading the staffs stamina but nothing with work. HELP.

      • My Emergency room says it needs stamina, but when I add a member of staff, it just has an exclamation mark but won’t let me why.
        Basically I can’t assign a member to ER without ! Coming up

        Is this what you’re going through?

    • I had this issue too. Your doctor needs to not only have a max stamina that is high enough, but also needs their stamina to be above a certain threshold. I couldn’t get it to work until I put a doc in there with 175/175 stamina and it burned 150 of that almost immediately, then gave me a surgery that had to be performed within 15 minutes using an upgraded surgeon and an upgraded paramedic.

    • Well, if you press the I in the top-left corner, it will tell you about how much stamina the doctor needs. I will tell you as well: I C U = doctors that need at least 200 stamina. And for the E R = doctors with at least 150 stamina! Keep getting cash and cards and you will be able to use the departments! Hope I helped!

    • I had the same problem. Here is the solution:
      1Close the game
      2 On your main phone screen, click on the settings button
      3 From settings, click apps or applications.
      4 Then find Operate Now Hospital, click it.
      5 Next click on clear Cache
      6 Close the settings menu
      7 Finally, reopen the game.
      8 Wait for it to load, then go to your research room OR click on the icon at the bottom left hand corner.
      9 Now click the complete button.
      10 Your staff member should now be FREE!! Yipee!!
      Big Hugs, Shelly G. Near Orlando, Florida

  44. My ER and ICU say they are lacking stamina.. how to I get them to have stamina? I’ve tried putting staff in there but it doesn’t do anything it says there are none.. I want to get operations from them but nothing seems to be coming up

    • When you see the scalpel, it means that you have a new surgery to complete. Click on the button on the middle of the left side of the screen. This is your to do or task list. Click the second tab. At the bottom of the list you will see a new item, marked in red. Click on it. You will see what type of characters you need. Usually a doctor and nurse, or nurse and surgeon. The higher their stamina the better. You must also have the right room level, such as MRI level 3. Also, if the character can complete the task there will be a small green check mark under the person icon. Same applies to the room level. Hope this helps. Enjoy playing. I am on level 31.

    • I really need paramedics too! Every day, you can buy a staff member for some golden hearts, sometimes it is a paramedic. If it is, and you got enough golden hearts, then buy it! Apart from that, just hope! Hopefully it is the card you need. Hope I helped!

  45. If anyone needs more help with the game, please feel free to friend request me on Facebook. Just mention, that you play Operate Now Hospital.

  46. Unfortunately, the only way to get them is by luck. But try clearing the Operate Hospital Now cache in your apps or applications, in your phone settings. Hope that this helps.

  47. I’m stuck on Warzone 4/4. The one with the allergic reaction. When I first started it was super easy to time the circles. Now I can’t do it for anything. What’s the catch?

  48. It won’t allow me to put any of my doctors in my Emergency room. I have 3 available, and when I put one in the Emergency room I get an explanation point with a person (which usually indicates that department isn’t staffed). How can I get my ER up and running?

  49. It won’t allow me to put any of my doctors in my Emergency room. I have 3 available, and when I put one in the Emergency room I get an explanation point with a person (which usually indicates that department isn’t staffed). How can I get my ER up and running?

    • Jenna K – the doctor you assign to the ER has to have a certain level of stamina – I think it’s 175 – or it still shows as if you don’t have anyone there. Try putting a silver or gold doctor in that room, or training the staff up to 175 Stamina.

  50. Re: Foreign Object Removal
    I can’t seem to grab the wood/metal/glass so that it comes out. Once I’ve got it, I can remove it gently/slowly, but when I try to click on it in the first place I get the big red X several times and nearly kill the patients. I can’t tell if you’re supposed to grab the tiny green dot when it blinks bigger or smaller, right on it, or elsewhere on the object – nothing I’ve tried seems to have a pattern! Does anyone have any tips? If you’re pretty good at those surgeries, where do you grip the object?

  51. Who can I assign at ICU room ? It must be a doctor right ? But when I assign the doctor, nothing happen even the room show a red exclamation mark. Someone know why ?

    • What? Well, there is supposed to be an upgrade button next to the information button in the bottom-middle of the screen when you tap the department. I can’t really help any more. Try chatting with a developer.

  52. Hey guys! I am a pro but I want to ask. There is one room in my hospital that is not occupied (no department) – I have bought all the departments- can somebody tell me what replaces that empty slot? Thanks! also, I am a good pro at this game! Feel free to ask me on this website or on Facebook! I got a post up there about it! Thanks!!!

    • Could you help me out? I am on the Tour Bus Disaster where it says someone has a contagious disease… I clicked Show but it takes me to vide the entire hospital and I’m stuck as to what to do next…

  53. I’m upgrading my operating room now for it to hold 2 people. Because it takes so long to build I just wanted to know if I’m going get more income being though for the fact it two surgeons in the same room.

  54. When you upgrade a room is gives you a count down. I spent the $200,000 to build an extra floor and at first it gave me the count down. Now the count down disappeared. I think I have 24 hours left but I don’t know for sure because the Count down isn’t there.
    Anyone else have this issue?

  55. One of my doctors (Dr Loa) has been stuck in ‘research’ for over 2 days now. I haven’t assigned her to any research projects and I don’t have any research projects currently ongoing. However, her icon shows that she is busy in the research department. Her energy level has also been stuck on the same number. I can’t use her in any other place (eg mri or exam room) and I can’t find her in the research dept

  56. I need help! Im stuck at season 1 episode 6, hospital royale task, it says need funds and collect 40,000 cash, i collect it from my departments, but the meter from hospital royale task still not move, its do nothing, what should i do?

    • Do the departments show a red exclamation mark? Or a orange exclamation mark? If it is the red, it is because they do not have patients, or your wards are full. If it is the orange, you have to replace the people working in the department. If not, just wait, eventually you will get enough cash. If none of these options work, contact support. Hope I helped!

  57. I have an emergency and two doctors when I assign one to the er it still says not enough stamina but my Drs have 180 stamina and are full can someone help

  58. Warning!!
    Anyone that had issues with the game saying it needs to be updated (12th of February 2018), but when you go to AppStore it can’t be updated it just says open?? Well I had and thought I would delete the app and reinstall it from iCloud with the latest update attached to it. DON’T do this , because that apparently means that you loose all progress. My 1000+ hearts and almost all level 5 departments lost.
    When you reinstall app and start it it will start from the beginning. All progress lost and money spent on hearts , gone.
    I’m done with this game, since I will NOT start this crap over again.

    So just be warned if you don’t want a rage fit like I had :)

  59. I upgraded my break room and operating room and i can’t tell a benefit. I can still only get one staff member in the break room. And i cant get enough doctors to save my life. I guess i could if i spent a fortune on hearts but im not doing that. Words of advice?

    • Well, yes. You are going to have to wait for the people to finish in the break room first. Or there are few options in research that will boost how long it will take. You could also buy coffees and energy drinks as well. A new update allows you to watch an ad to boost the break room. (Located to the right, right next to the break room). Hope I helped!

  60. Those 3 circles that come when its in cardiac arrest or something; i can never get it right! Am i doing something wrong im just tapping the circles?

  61. I have zero patients. My ambulance bay is staffed and even upgraded the reception area. At one time i was maxed to capacity, now its a ghost town. What am i doing wrong

    • Nothing. I actually would recommend buying another ambulance garage and upgrade the ambulance garages only. Reception takes longer. And ambulances take shorter. And do not upgrade cash departments like operating rooms and excamination rooms. I have the same issue too! Also, some research topics boost the time for patients to go into your hospital when you do them. Hope I helped!

  62. Ok! In the shop, go to supplies, when you have enough cash, buy the recruitment. It will give you a random staff member. It may be a doctor, it may be not. Every now and then, special offers pop up. Sometimes it is a doctor and you can get it directly with a lot of golden hearts. Hope I helped!

    • Tom , I need help, in the mission Old Tree I need to assign two level doctors and a nurse, I have what they require but I don’t know how to put all three together.. plz help ty

  63. I don’t understand. Put 3 together? Usually tasks like those only require 2 staff. Please provide more infomation or send me a screenshot. You can also send me a message on Facebook. My account name is Thomas Norman.

  64. I just recently started playing this game and I’m having trouble on level 10 the requirements are one staff and room type ward level 2 ?????? Don’t know how to get pass this part been on it for 3 days now

  65. Question: I”m on season 2 11/15 and a research quest for healthcare has popped up. Problem is I have already finished all the healthcare research and it is still showing that it needs to be completed. Therefore, I’m stuck. What can i do? I tried another research but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • This happened to me a lot – I had to close the game entirely (not let it run in the background) and when I came back the research doctors finally were free and started recovering stamina.

  66. Help!!! I’m on a series on misfortunes, the requirements are a doctor with 180 but how can I do that my doctors have 125 at the highest? Please help been stuck for over a week!

    • Check to see if the doctor has a high enough stamina to do that task. If not assign another one. If you don’t have any doctors with a high enough stamina yo ure going to have to increase their dedication.

  67. i have a mission were i need a doctor with 180 enery, but any of my doctors dont have 180 enery how i can get some of my doctors to 180energy or how can i get a new doctor

  68. I have a level 1 Ward and a level 2 and my level 1 keeps filling up and making me discharge patients even when I have 20+ beds left if my level 2 ward. How do I get the patients to go to the other room?

  69. In the anniversary storm missions, there’s a task named crossfire where I have donsurgery on a gunshot wound. Each time I go to suction, it takes sooooooo long and I run out of time, causing me to fail every time! It’s so frustrating. What can I do?

  70. Trying to do the mission called Time where I need a level 2 or higher ward and a person with 80 energy or higher now I have a level 3 ward and a person with 80+ energy but it’s still saying I can’t do it because I need a level 2 ward can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • Click on the departments and there should be a “ discharge now” sign with a golden heart showing. You have to have enough golden hearts to be able to discharge the patients.

  71. I’m on level 13 the “rebuilding” another hospital event. (It’s snowing). The surgery I’m having trouble with Is the lady with the 3 malignant tumors in her stomach. I can cut them out and remove them with the forceps, but when it gets time to cauterize them, the highest percentages I get are 81%, 73% and 66%. I’ve used the heart saver to add extra time and nothing is working. HEEEEEELLLLPPPP..

  72. I am coming up on the midpoint of the latest event. Where we get a “cleanroom”. However, I already got that in the last event and have no more building slots available. Has anyone reached this point? What happens?

  73. I am on one of the surgeries where you have to remove 3 tumors. After I use the forceps to remove the tumors, I use the laser and it just won’t go past like 60%. I’ve tried restarting the game multiple times and cannot beat this surgery. Any help would be appreciated!

  74. I can’t find a way to complete the task “Attention to Detail” by a new tourist bus crash part that just arrived. It will give 100 golden hearts if we complete it within 3 days. So can someone please tell me how should i do it??

  75. I’m stuck on the bus crash task the “make room” is telling me to make room in the ward for more patients and it’s not letting me past that task. The ward is empty. I cannot discharge anyone because it’s empty. What do I do to continue?

    • I’m not sure if building another ward would help that’s what I had to do but my ward was full. Did you get past the task of giving coffee to 3 of your staff? I can’t get past and have tried so many times giving them coffee

  76. I’m stuck on the tourist bus crash: special blend task, where you have to give 3 staff members coffee. I have done it repeatedly and it still won’t show I’ve completed the task. Did anyone else have this problem or Can anyone help?

    • If the wards are staffed with nurses, they will be released periodically, depending on your empathy level. You can release them using hearts (1 per patient) also.

  77. I’m trying to complete tourist bus crash 19/20. It says some of the staff is burning out give 5 energy drinks to keep them going. I have done this numerous times and there is no change in the task bar. What do I do?!

    • If the wards are staffed with nurses, they will be released periodically, depending on your empathy level. You can release them using hearts (1 per patient) also.

  78. Ever since the last update, the ad videos rarely load, preventing me from earning hearts or the break room boost. Any one else having the same problem?

  79. I am having troubles figuring out the new microscope that I have. I click on it and you can assign a doc to something and once the research is done than you get 80k. When I assign the doc and I have the stethoscopes that I need it won’t let me start the research. Idk what I’m doing wrong can anyone help me?

  80. Hey guys! I’ve noticed when I employ a person to a room it can have a positive percentage for cash earned but there is also a negative percentage. The non money making rooms will have just the negative percentage. I thought if I upgraded the stamina that percentage would fall. It doesn’t. What is the significance of the negative percentage and how can it be reduced?

  81. Hi! I just started playing, and i am addicted already lol, and I need to find out how to get a nurse, any nurse, to a level 2? i am not sure… my task says i need a nurse and it has a 2 beside it….i have upgraded a nurse to level 2 in some ways, not all, and it doesn’t work…love the game though but i am stuck for the moment…

  82. 23 July 2018 2nd too room 14/20 must train 13 staff members if i say start then it takes me to shopping cart and when i do train my staff it’s not adding it

  83. every time I fail a surgery it says second chance pack. So I have purchased this pack which is 30 coffee’s and x3 hearts, for $1.99, but it never shows up, and it says you’ll never fail a surgery, but I have bought it 2 times, and I have still failed surgery, and never gotten those things to show up, do you know how I get them?

  84. I’m stuck on a task for the tourist bus crash under the “news” section. It says some patients are showing signs of contagious disease you must check them all. When I click “show” it just takes me back to the board and does nothing. How do you complete this task. Help please

  85. It won’t let me stitch on helping others surgery. It keeps saying wrong and I’ve done it like 30 times. It won’t even let me do 1 stitch.

  86. I am on season 1 episode 6/14 and it says “More conten coming soon”, but it never comes anything new. In the episode collection, I can play to Conviction, and then next chapter “Regrets” are locked. How can I open it?

    • I am having the same problem. Did you complete the Oath of hippocrates mission, coz i paid $80000 for rearch and 6 hours later nothing happened. Was i meant to do something during the 6hours?

  87. How do you pass the bus disaster part of Room to Rush? It says i need to clear my ward and I’ve tried emptying it and filling it!

  88. Whatnis up with the “Oath of Hippocrates” in episode 6? I paid $80 000 and 6 hours later its like it was all for nothing? And i didnt complete the mission , so now the episode is like hanging there and not moving forward!

  89. What are CVs and how do I get them? I want to purchase specific staff. I am tired of this luck of the draw. There is a way to do this on the home page for 50-500 CVs, but I have 0 and can not figure out how to obtain them.

  90. How do I transfer staff between hospitals, I saw the tutorial but didn’t understand it. I’ve already passed all the necessary levels to do so. Thanks in advance.

  91. I’m stuck on a task for the tourist bus crash under the “news” section. It says some patients are showing signs of contagious disease you must check them all. When I click “show” it just takes me back to the board and does nothing. What do you need to do to complete this task?

  92. For CV – go to the ‘world’ map (with the different hospitals), then in the lower right corner click on the icon; it’s the HR Office.

  93. Hi! I’m in level 14 and I have Ward level 2, I have nurse with 180 energy and I still can’t start a mission (task) because I have X (red cross) in room type (red color – WARD/LVL 2 – but I have level 2 and still nothing :D ) I don’t know what to do… :D

  94. I’m stuck on recruitment. I’ve spent 60k on recruitment and I’ve bought the premium box for 120 gold hearts but its still saying that I haven’t completed the mission. I don’t know what else to do.

  95. I tried to download the update for the Asian hospital event and while it was downloading, the app crashed like usual. But now I can’t go to the prologue or Asian hospital itself on the map. It lets me see the rewards but will crash when I try to go to the Asian hospital or prologue for that story line. So I was thinking about uninstalling it and reinstalling it but I am SUPER worried it will delete all my progress and I am at level 25 and have spent actual money on this shiz. I am not signed up through Facebook. I am signed up through my Gmail account and Google Play (icon says Play Games), which I had to download when I downloaded the game. If I uninstall it from my phone (T-Mobile LG SYLO 4/Android), will it keep my progress or delete everything and make me start from the beginning? Thank you!

  96. I’m stuck on the Cross Action mission. Every time I assign a doctor with sufficient energy, it deducts the docs energy, plays the mission intro but never lets me do the surgery, it just takes me back to the hospital. It’s so frustrating and idk what to do. I’ve swapped docs but the same thing happens

    • Some times the missions are just for the employees and not for you to do. So if it took the energy that means its currently fulfilling the surgery.

  97. Hi, I’m new to this.
    I’m stuck on season 1, episode 3. The surgery is called cross fire. Says my doctor needs stamina of 180, i energise her to 225 and hit start but uses up her energy and doesn’t let me start the operation.
    What am I doing wrong?

  98. There’s this thing where I can go to the map and recruit new employees but I don’t know how to increase my recruitment points to recruit any new employees. And I really need another doctor.

  99. There’s a special season where they will have a new hospital and they’ll ask you to save it because of the monsun thing and one of it has a surgery brief and the nurse below says that it’s a welcome message but nothing was played and I can’t do anything. Need help !!!

    • That happened to me. So, I waited a few days and it fixed itself. But, it drove me CRAZY! But, good luck… Hopefully, it’ll fix itself like it did for me.

  100. How can I retrieve 2 doctors and 2 nurses out of the research department? I really like this game but, it keeps on freezing up and it is getting on my nerves. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the app isn’t up for an upgrade. So, can somebody PLEASE help me out? Thank you!

    • This is what I’m stuck on it’s the tourist bus crash disaster and the assignment is attention to detail someone told me to keep someone on reception and in the examination room at all times and I have done since yesterday but the bar isn’t even increasing the little bit

  101. I am on the Africa Hospital assignment but forgot how to complete one of the tasks with helping in Peds with the babies. How can I refresh my memory on how to do this?

  102. I Have 2 stuck in research also, the task shows “Locked” and I can’t even go into the research department. HOW DO I FIX that??? I can’t even move past to the next phase without completing the research task…BUT IT’S LOCKED!!!! Fix that!!

  103. Hey so I don’t know how old all of this is but I’m having trouble with a task called staff recruit l’m supposed to recruit a staff member just 1 but IV done it 2 times and it did not give me credit any idea on how to fix this glitch it takes me forever to get the money to bye this recruit so I would hate to waste $60,000 on it again


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