OneBit Adventure is a new roguelike game inspired by classic retro games, as evident by its pixel art style. Your goal is simple: choose your hero and survive the world of OneBit Adventure, where the screen is constantly scrolling!

To start your adventure, you must choose from a variety of classes that determine your play style. Will you choose the critical hit dealing Warrior, the life-draining Blood Knight, the spell-flinging Wizard, the soul-stealing Necromancer, or the fire-starting Pyromancer? Each hero has their own unique set of skills that can amplify their strengths or cover their weaknesses.

The world of OneBit Adventure is constantly moving – literally! You must move towards the top of the screen as it autoscrolls and anything at the bottom will be sucked into the void. Fight monsters as you move up, gain experience, level up, and become stronger, just like any classic roguelike.

While the screen moves on its own, the enemies only move when you do, so you can plan your strategies as you hurry along through the world. Be sure to stop and scour through your inventory to see if you picked up any helpful items, as they can make the difference between life and death!

OneBit Adventure is still considered to be in early access, so expect to see some huge content updates in the future including new bosses, dungeons, and of course plenty of loot!

OneBit Adventure is ready to be explored, and it is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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