One Piece Treasure Cruise Ships Tier List: Best Ships in OPTC


One Piece Treasure Cruise is an interesting RPG where you need to form a squad of different heroes from the One Piece franchise. Also, you will be able to choose a ship for your team of pirates and the game has a huge roster of these vessels. However, they are all different and you may want to know which of them is stronger. So, this guide will provide you with the tier list of One Piece Treasure Cruise ships.

Best Ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise

There are many different One Piece games and OPTC seems to be one of the most exciting among them. It allows you to use various ships that you might have seen in the anime series or manga. However, not all of these vessels are equal and some of them are better than others.

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Tier lists are one of the best ways to inform other players about the current game balance. So, you may want to see such a list for OPTC ships and we will help you. Here is the tier list of ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Tier List of Ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise

SHoe, Nostra Castello (Amphibious), Oro Jackson, Liberal Hind
AMerry Go, Shark Superb, Zunesha, Moby Dick
BDreadnaught Sabre, Donquixote Pirates Ship, Thousand Sunny – Coated Vessel, Ark Maxim, Megalo, Queen Mama Chanter, Piece of Spadille, Koi Ship, Coffin Boat
CAokiji’s Bicycle, Miss Love Duck, Bezan Black, Thousand Sunny, Rocketman, Red Force, Polar Tang, Mister Luffy Go, Kizaru’s Arrival Cannonball – Sabaody in Chaos, Flying Dutchman, Marshall D. Teach’s Pirate Ship, Sexy Foxy, Revolutionary Army Blackbirds, Grudge Dolph
DDinghy, Baratie, Going Merry – Flying Model, Navy Ship, Big Top, Striker, Sun Pirates Ship, Kuja Pirate Ship, Moby Dick – Paramount War Version, Thriller Bark, Nostra Castello, Germa 66 Ship

OPTC is a great game and hopefully, this list will help you to choose your ship. Good luck with your adventures and battles!

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Ships Tier List: Best Ships in OPTC


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