Are you ready to set sail for adventure? One Piece Treasure Cruise takes all of your beloved characters from the hit anime and manga and puts them under your control! Help Luffy create the ultimate crew and discover the world of One Piece! We’ll share with you some tips with our One Piece Treasure Cruise cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Timing is key!

As demonstrated in the tutorial, wait until the attack words converge in the center of the enemy, then send in your next crew member. The better you are at timing, the more damage you’ll do! It’s a bit tricky at first because each crew member has different timing windows, so when you bring in new members try to figure out their timing as soon as possible. As a general tip, it’s better to tap earlier than later, as you can still get “goods” and “greats” if you tap early, but once you go past the “perfect” window there is no bonus after that.

2. Don’t knock away the meat!

If you’re low on health, be sure to check if any of your crew members has meat in their type slots. If you’re full on HP, you don’t have to worry about it, but if you want to recover, make sure not to get a perfect on your next attack! As backwards as that sounds, getting a perfect will knock the meat away.

3. Exploit typing matchups!

Each character has a innate type to them. Red is STR, green is DEX, and blue is QCK. STR beats DEX, DEX beats QCK, and QCK beats STR. The two additional types are PSY and INT, yellow and purple respectively. They beat each other out. If you send in a crew member that beats the enemy’s type, you’ll do more damage. If their type slot happens to match with their innate type as well, you’ll do even more damage!

4. Don’t save extra crew members!

Within the first few levels, you’ll soon find yourself full with crew members, since your character box can initially only hold 20 members. The first thing you should do is to power up your favorite characters by sacrificing extra crew members you’re not planning on using. If you’ve got no one to power up, or if you don’t have enough beli, sell your extra crew members. Lastly, if you want, you can spend a rainbow gem to increase your character box by 5 slots.

5. Save your booster and evolver type characters!

On the details page of every character, you can see what category they belong to in the top left corner. Some cards are classified as “boosters” and “evolvers”. As you can guess, boosters give a lot of experience and sometimes stat boosts when used to power up existing cards. Evolvers are catalysts that cards require when you try to evolve them to their next form. Save the evolvers, and use the boosters on your favorite cards.

6. Add every friend you play with!

Before you start a level, you’ll be asked if you want to take a random person’s captain character along as a guest. After you beat the level, you can send them a friend request. Do this for everyone you play with, as the more friends you have and the more you play with them, the more Friend Points you’ll earn, which can be exchanged for characters!

7. Keep your ship upgraded!

Your ship can be upgraded in the shipyard if you have enough cola (Yes, cola) to spare. Different types of ships have different abilities that affect your crew, and you can check the details in the shipyard. Upgrading a ship improves its ability, and along your adventure you’ll find different types of ships.

The world of One Piece awaits you! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!



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