One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Pirate Rumble Team Tier List

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One Piece Treasure Cruise is an incredibly interesting game based on the One Piece anime. Over the years, many exciting game modes have been added to the game, as well as over a thousand unique characters that you can obtain and use to create your pirate crew. One of the newest game modes is Pirate Rumble, and today we have prepared for you a tier list of the best teams for this mode.

One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Pirate Rumble Team Tier List

For each game mode, you need to create the right team, but this is not so easy to do, considering the number of cards available in the game. Some characters are good in PVE battles, while others are good in PVP and the right team is half the way to victory.

Pirate Rumble is one of the newest PvP modes in which you still have to create a team of pirates and fight other players, but now you can take much more characters into the match. Several characters will become the main attackers, while others will wait on the bench. Next, we have prepared for you a tear list of the best teams that will help you win in the Pirate Rumble mode.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Pirate Rumble Team Tier List

S+Core team: Kozuki Oden – Spectacular End; Yamato – Son of Kaido; Straw Hat Pirates – ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS; Trafalgar Law – Alliance to Liberate the Land of Wano; Gol D. Roger – Captain of the Roger Pirates.
Bench: Kuzan – Surprising Former Navy Admiral; Kami Eneru – Overwhelming Power of the Kami; Germa 66 – True Power of Science.
SCore team: Hancock & Nami & Robin – Mesmerizing Beauties; Kozuki Oden – Samurai Challenging the Dragon; Eustass “Captain” Kid – Competing Captains; Ace VS Akainu – Clashing Explosion; Toki & Momonosuke & Hiyori – Entrusted Future.
Bench: Donquixote Doflamingo – Condemnation of the God; Jack – Blasting Mammoth; Bartholomew Kuma – Destination of the Repel.
ACore team: Monkey D. Luffy – With His Trusted Companions; Cat Viper – Vicious Sulong in the Moonlight; Dogstorm – Flash in the Moonlit Night; Borsalino – A Light Shining Over Absolute Justice; Zorojuro – Fearsome Ronin.
Bench: Donquixote Doflamingo – Rage-Fueled Massacre; Rob Lucci – Full-Force Blow; “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh – Old Soldier Watching Over the Next Generation.
BCore team: Ace VS Akainu – Clashing Explosion; Izo & Kikunojo – Siblings Shouldering Their Liege’s Will; Brook – Spectacular End; Monkey D. Luffy – Competing Captains; Kaido – Destructive Club.
Bench: Magellan – Hope-Destroying Venom; Golden Tesoro; Charlotte Cracker – Terror of Infinite Biscuits.

These teams are working well at the time of this guide’s publication, but the meta does not stand still, and in a few months there may be completely different best teams. Thank you so much for reading!

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Pirate Rumble Team Tier List


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