One More Dash is a new rather simple arcade game released a few days ago on the App Store which will surely become quite popular in the near future thanks to its addictive gameplay experience. If you have just started playing the game and want to learn more about it and its mechanics, you have dashed into the right place since in our One More Dash Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide you will find some useful tips that will make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Walls

In One More Dash, you will have to time your taps correctily so that you can move the main object from one area to another. There are two types of walls that will be getting in your way: the spiked walls will destroy you as soon as you touch them, while the white ones will simply bounce you back. The white ones, however, can be just as lethal as the spiked ones, since they can send you off stage if you bounce on their sides.

Since you don’t have much time to move from one area to another, you might end up making a mistake and get defeated. There’s a simple way to make the timer reset in each area and that’s by bouncing on the white wall. Use this simple trick to obtain some extra time.

  • Coins

In One More Dash you will be able to collect coins as you play. These coins can be used to purchase different colors of the background and of the object. Aside from this, coins don’t have that much use so you may want to ignore them if you’re just aiming to get the highest score possible.

If you really need some extra coins, there are a few ways to obtain them outside collecting them while playing. The first way is to simply watch a free ad video, which gives you three free coins each time. Completing quests will also make you earn two extra coins.

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