Frogo the Frog Scout has recently earned his first set of merit badges, and he aims to prove that he can do more. One night, Frogo is afflicted with a shadowy curse that causes his shadow to become sentient and hostile, and Frogo must always stay one step ahead now…

Shadow Frog is an upcoming one-button platformer from Oddrok, the studio that brought us games like Make Match and Power Hover. As Frogo, players must navigate their way through perilous caverns and mazes to avoid his shadow.

Frogo runs on his own, and tapping the screen will make him jump. Like many auto-running platformers, Frogo is very nimble and can perform things like wall jumps to help him ascend to higher platforms.

The catch? Frogo’s shadow appears to torment him, and the shadow copies Frogo’s every movements. What that means is that if you are careless enough, his shadow will catch up to him and the worst will happen!

Shadow Frog is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play Store.


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