We’ve already talked about OMG: TD in the past and we’re sure that our tips and tricks helped you get further in the game, but right now things are going to get serious: a new update has just been launched for the game, just in time for the celebrations of the Chinese new year and, as you might have guessed it already, with a Chinese theme to it.

The OMG:TD update brings the Chinese god of prosperity, Cai Shen, into the game, with three nice special abilities that give players extra gold (Spare Change, Mr. Moneybags, and Angry Gold).

Also, there are a bunch of new quests launched with the game – once a player accumulates 10,000 gold pieces, they win a Cai Shen’s magic hat with a 20% bonus in gold drops from enemies.

Finally, this latest update brings three new levels that require an extra hero to complete. We’re talking about three new levels that are tough as nails, and you’ll see that for yourself when you play the game.


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