Oil, Inc is a brand new time management game with endless clicker mechanics that has just been released on the App Store. This is a truly exceptional game for fans of the series and I loved playing it constantly for the past few days. And today I am here to share with you a bunch of Oil, Inc cheats and tips that will help you unlock everything in the game, make more money and become the oil mogul you always dreamed of becoming. Or not.

Either way, here are Touch Tap Play’s Oil, Inc tips and cheats to make more money and unlock everything!


1. Tapping is not vital in this game
As I said, this is not a traditional endless tapping game, it’s more of a time management title with tapping mechanics. Tapping on the oil platforms themselves is not very rewarding, but you should instead tap the timer bar to the left and make sure that it’s always full (so that your platforms work continuously). You should also tap the timers when building or rebuilding your platforms in order to have them ready ASAP.

2. How to easily collect Task rewards
Collecting the Task rewards can prove to be really annoying if you have to browse through all the pages listed there. To make things a lot easier, tap the Tasks icon in the menu, collect the reward, go back, tap the Task icon again and collect your reward. Do so until there’s no exclamation mark near the icon, meaning that you have collected all rewards.

3. Build your town
Building your town is vital because if you don’t, you will get stuck at your 10th platform (since the 11th requires Monsters unlocked in the Town). Micromanage your cash as good as possible, but keep an eye on the Town and keep unlocking those buildings before anything else

4. Get free Cash
There are a ton of ways to get free cash in the game: connect to Facebook and you will get cash, share your accomplishments for cash, tap the screen to fill the star meter and get cash, collect the boxes that appear and sometimes you will be rewarded with premium currency. You can also spend money to get cash, watch ads, while upgrading your oil factories and reaching certain levels rewards you with large amounts as well. Make sure that you take advantage of all the possible methods to get the premium currency because you will need a lot of it to progress!

5. Get Badges ASAP
Badges can be bought with XP points – and that’s actually the only thing your XP points are good for. So don’t waste a single second: as soon as you have enough to buy a badge, do so in order to increase your oil production!

6. Classroom & World Oil Reserves
Before finding out about the Town requirements to progress through the game, I had spent most of my cash on World Oil Reserve purchases and classroom bonuses. This wasn’t a really good idea, since that cash should’ve been used to get the Town upgrades. So try to stay away from those for a while and keep hoarding premium currency to unlock the Monsters in the town (which will take some time!)

7. Add Facebook friends!
Facebook friends are vital in this game as they can offer you all sorts of bonuses and goodies. Not to mention the fact that you can get 10 Cash for free simply from connecting to Facebook and they will also send you gifts. Add as many as possible for a smooth ride through the game.

8. Focus on upgrading your best Oil Producers
Although all oil platforms should be upgraded in order to get the free premium currency each time you reach a milestone, you should focus on upgrading your latest ones first simply because you get a bigger bang for your buck. The game will probably hit a temporary wall after you unlock the 10th platform and that’s when you will have enough resources to upgrade your lower factories as well.

9. The Stock Market
Keep an eye on the stock market – it’s really easy to see the prices as they are always listed on the right of the screen. Whenever they are at 1, you should quickly tap them and spend 100% of your money to get shares. Then wait a little bit until the price grows – ideally to a maximum which is around 50 (but anything over 40 is great) and sell for a great profit. This usually only takes a minute or so and profits can be increased even more if you have a lot of friends.

10. Be smart when hiring managers & Investors
Investors are unlocked after a while, but I would stay away from them until I would get the monsters in the town. They offer nice bonuses, but they can also be unlocked by watching ads – which is recommended, even though you’ll only get them for a limited amount of time. Again, spending your premium currency on buying managers is not recommended until you get the Town upgrades, but if you do have the money to spend, make sure that you invest in your best oil factories – since you pay the same amount for all factories, but the latest give you more oil.

So these would be our Oil Inc cheats and tips. If you have additional advice for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comment below.




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