Oddwings Escape Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Oddwings Escape is here! Soar through beautiful environments with a precise control scheme that allows for some fine-tuned flying. Simple to pick up and play, but hard to master! Don’t worry, as we’re here with our Oddwings Escape cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use gentle movements!

The key to keeping your flight stable is gentle finger movements. You’ll quickly notice that the finer your movements are, the better your flight will be. Don’t move your finger too much or you risk swinging out of control! Instead, moving your finger ever so slightly will help you track coin trails better and keep you stable.

2. Collect all of the coin chains!

During the free flight modes, there will be trails of coins for you to collect. They’re usually lined up, and if you manage to collect all of them in the trail, you’ll get a perfect bonus, which grants you an extra 5 coins!

3. Level up Frankie!

Frankie is your starting character, and it’ll be sometime before you can unlock your next character. You can spend coins to upgrade Frankie in 4 different ways – speed, energy, turning, and magnet. Speed makes Frankie fly faster, energy increases your energy, turning makes your movements sharper, and magnet affects the magnet power up. Energy and speed are the two upgrades you should focus, though turning is great as well. The one upgrade you can hold off on for a while is magnet, as that is situational.

4.Complete the objectives!

As you play the free flight levels, you will unlock challenge levels. These challenges have three stars to earn on them. You can get a star by completing a specific objective, and once you do, you are rewarded with coins! You will also need stars to unlock later challenge levels so be sure to complete all the objectives! Be sure to double check the objectives, because some levels have unique objectives like avoiding hearts, which are usually a good thing!

5. Fly high when low on energy!

If you’re running out of energy and there are no hearts within seeing distance, fly as high as you can then start gliding. Even when you’re out of energy you can still glide gently down, possibly giving you enough time to reach another heart. Just be sure to angle yourself downward once you run out of energy, otherwise you’ll just fall straight to the ground!

6. Grab the boosts!

Sometimes you’ll see yellow lightning bolt floating around. Grabbing these will let your character fly freely at an increased speed, regardless of how much energy they have left. These are useful for the time attack challenge levels and they might even save your life if you manage to grab one while out of energy!

That’s all for Oddwings. If you’ve got any other tips or strategies to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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Oddwings Escape Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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