The newest delivery guy has something strange going on… he’s got six arms! In OctoPie, you control the titular character as he delivers fresh hot pizza to the hungry locals! Being that he’s an octopus and all, his delivery methods are a bit unorthodox. Armed with a trusty slingshot, just pull back on the screen to make OctoPie launch pizza at customers! We’ll help you become the top delivery octopus with our OctoPie cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Each target is worth a different amount of points!


You probably won’t notice this during normal game play, but each target gives their own amount of points!

+1 Point

Football Player

+3 Points

Purple guitar guy
Big muscular guy
Black suit guy

+4 Points

Bear with fishing pole
Blue suit guy with orange magazine

+5 Points

Basketball Player

+6 Points

Purple dress lady
Pigeon Hits

Of course, regardless, you should always aim for as many people as you can!

2. Buy the upgrades!

In order to unlock additional power ups for you to use during the levels, you’ll actually need to buy upgrades for OctoPie. All of the upgrades save for the hats are purely cosmetic, meaning they do not affect your abilities in anyway. If you’ve gotten far enough in the game, the buttons will say that you’ll need to buy a certain amount of upgrades in order to unlock the next power up. Buy as many as you can!

3. Try out the hats!

As mentioned above, the hats are the only thing that affects OctoPie’s abilities. These hats grant various bonuses! For example, the Western Hat grants you a new targeting reticle with increased accuracy, while the Ninja Mask makes your ink stun enemies for a longer period of time. Try them all out and see which one is your favorite!

4. Move your device for tips!

During the ending bonus round where you get to collect tips, here’s something the game doesn’t tell you: you can use your device’s accelerometer to steer OctoPie! We barely noticed it during one round and discovered that OctoPie was sticking to the right wall… because the device was behind tilted to the right! With this knowledge, you should be able to get more tips from the ending rounds now.

5. Take out the pigeon!

By now you’ve probably noticed that every so often a pigeon will fly by in a fixed arc. It’ll drop down for a bit then immediately rise up a couple inches, so try to predict where the pigeon is going to be and fire ahead. If you manage to land a shot on a pigeon, you’ll get a whopping six points! The only other target to give this many points is the lady in the purple dress, and she is arguably more rare than the pigeon.

6. Be quick with your deliveries!

If left alone for too long, customers will eventually get impatient and shut their windows, earning you a red angry face at the top of the screen. Should you let this happen three times, your run will immediately end! Make sure not to let any customer get away and be quick on the draw!

That’s all for OctoPie. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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