Embark on an epic journey to conquer the seven seas! Oceans & Empires is a base management strategy game that takes place on the high seas. Construct a port kingdom fit for royalty, and train up a fleet of courageous captains. Sail the seas and take on destructive monsters, or attack other players for fame and glory! It’s up to you in Oceans & Empires, and we’re here with Oceans & Empires cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Complete the quests!

The main quests you receive are Marigold’s quests. Completing these will advance you along the story and make sure your base is up to date with enough resources and supplies. The second set of quests are Challenge quests. These have similar objectives to Marigold’s quests, but they offer exclusively gold as rewards. The final category of quests are Daily Quests which cycle out every day. These quests offer a bountiful supply of resources when completed. You should aim to complete as many quests as you can, and if you only have a short time to play, try to do the daily quests first.

2. Keep your queues busy!

You have several different queues that you’ll need to keep track of. The first and most obvious one is your building queue. You can have up to two buildings being worked on at a time, whether they’re being built for the first time or getting upgraded.

The second queue is your research queue. Research grants you passive bonuses to a variety of aspects about your base, so you should research as much as you can. You can have one research in progress at a time.

The third queue is your Barracks. The barracks is where your troops are stored and trained. The more troops you have on your ships, the better your chances. You’ll want to have as many troops as you can on hand, as they take quite a time to train.

Those are your main queues you’ll need to track. Try to ensure that there is no “down time” in your base, which means you should have your buildings doing something at all times.

3. Don’t be afraid to use your gold!

The queue times can get crazy long in this game, so don’t be afraid to use your gold to speed up some timers. You’ll also have plenty of speed up items to fall back on, but should you opt to use gold, don’t feel too bad! Gold, the premium currency of this game, is pretty easy to come by assuming you’re completing as many quests as you can, especially the Challenge quests.

4. Fight random sea monsters!

If you’re not planning on going full aggro and taking on a real player’s base, try fighting some random sea monsters. Only take on what you can really defeat though! Defeating a sea monster will provide you decent rewards, like gold, experience, and resources. Your ship will take damage afterwards though so make sure to repair your ships in between trips. Your ships need time to travel to their target and back to base, so send them out before you do anything else. Consider them another part of your “queue”, so don’t forget about your ships!

5. Check your inventory!

The game will load your inventory with “freebie items”. These items will grant you an immediate supply of a certain resource upon use. There are even items that will give you gold and experience. You’ll get these items by doing quests, so make sure to check your inventory from time to time. The first time we checked out inventory outside of the tutorial, we had a page full of resource items!

That’s all for Oceans & Empires. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I can’t find a single thing in line on how to really play.
    How do the alliance buildings work? How are they built and how do you place them? How do you expand your territory?
    How does trading work?
    Can you move your city and territory once placed and if so how?

  2. As far as I know the alliance buildings can be placed anywhere except beside another alliance’s buildings, but you can only build them once members have donated enough resources towards them, e.g. cannon tower, walls. Alliance research is also something you can donate to and benefits the whole alliance. Expanded territory just comes by placing more buildings as like I say, another alliance can’t place there’s next to yours. The trading seems a bit pointless to me but you basically sail to a city where you can buy a product cheaply e.g. tobacco, and then sail to another city that will buy it for more, simple really but it doesn’t seem worth the amount of time in my opinion. Yes you can move your territory and city with the relocation ticket thing (not exactly sure what its called), but you should have one in your inventory, and for buildings I think you just have to click on them in game or through the alliance tab. Finally you should try to join an alliance and hopefully they can explain things as you go. Hope this helped a little.

    • Here’s a few pointers..
      Trading is very important, yes it’s tedious, but Silver doesn’t come in very fast, and to use the blacksmith costs a lot once you get into 4+ item builds.
      Use the Trade warehouse > market price info > Best route, to go buy the best %. It sometimes pays off better to get the lower % profit as routes at the top of the list are closest.
      It pays to be in an alliance as others contribute the price lists from cities they’ve visited.
      You can use the “Assault” option to place yourself temporarily in a better place for this or Monster farming. (touch a free area in the sea (also how you move) )
      Use the Auto sell option when choosing cargo to go sell. Ships go there, sell and return in 60mins so that can be done last thing at night. The Fluyt is the best ship for trading 2x usually fills your warehouse.

      Alliance buildings/walls are managed by the leader.
      Alliance Buoys can be placed anywhere outside the main alliance area, you get alliance bonuses when inside those areas. Only movable by the Leader and it costs points to move buildings which regenerate over time so you can’t move around too quickly. New buildings need resource contributions, but can be packed up and moved after.

      Look through the Alliance tab to see the most useful things to do, like contribute to research, this gives points to get free items in the Market > Barter

      ALWAYS hit the Alliance support request buttons! Those people wandering around your base can be picked up and dropped on jobs to speed them up or in the water for a bonus item (once they swim out).

      There’s lots more to find, just have to explore every button.

  3. Hii,,, i am a newbie on this game,,, i’d like to ask, how to donate to alliance? Coz, everytime i tap on support button, theres nothing happen,,,
    And how to add honor point?


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