Oceanhorn is definitely one of the more impressive games released on the App Store in recent years. Its The Legend Of Zelda inspired gameplay experience may not be the most original around, but there’s not denying that it’s truly impressive to witness a game with such a scope on our own iOS devices.

Being graphically demanding, some older devices may not be able to run the game properly. Luckily FDG Entertainment has come up with a really interesting idea that not only will allow gamers to try the game for a bit but also to test their own device-


Oceanhorn Benchmark Edition includes some short sequences from the full game as well as a testing mode that will grade the performance of the game on your device. This is a quite unique feature that will prevent gamers from purchasing a game that doesn’t run too well on their device.

In our review of Oceanhorn we have noted how the game is way too reliant on its inspiration, namely The Legend Of Zelda, and how it adds nothing to the tried and true formula of the classic Nintendo series. Dungeons and puzzle are somewhat shallow and the combat is more frustrating that it should be, due to the controls. Despite these issues, which will be noted more by The Legend Of Zelda veterans, Oceanhorn is a game that grows on you, being charming and technically impressive.

The Oceanhorn Benchmark Edition is now available for download on the App Store.




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