Welcome to the dreamy underwater world of Ocean Merge, a casual merging game that has players building a ocean city full of colorful Merfolk, the friendly creatures that live under the sea. Their homeworld is under attack by a strange tainted menace, and it’s up to you to help them save the ocean!

In today’s Ocean Merge guide, we’ll give you tips, tricks, and pointers on how to make your underwater journey as smooth as possible. Let’s get started with our Ocean Merge strategy guide!

Merfolk Classes

If you examine the pedestal in your capital, the game will give you a hint about Merfolk classes. There are three classes: harvesters, workers, and fighters. Unfortunately the game is pretty vague about what types of Merfolks are, but you can get a general idea if you read your collection of Merfolks.

Harvesters can harvest items faster, like the little green bushes that contain healing orbs. Workers can transform items faster, like the piles of coins and random sea coral. Fighters can take out tainted objects quickly.

You don’t really have control over this during the levels since the portals give you a random Merfolk, but you can utilize their skills in your capital. Be sure to use the right class to get your fields tidying up faster.

Complete all Side Objectives

Every level has three side objectives for you to complete. Completing a side objective will spawn a green starfish somewhere on the field. Tapping on the starfish will spawn some random goodies, like coins and pearls.

But, just like almost everything else in the game, you can merge the starfish! You’ll get exactly three starfish to merge, and doing so will net you lots of goodies to scoop up. Try to hit the side objectives on all levels if you can!

Beat Levels Multiple Times for More Rewards

Each level can be replayed up to three times to get the rewards multiple times. This is helpful if you’re chasing down a specific kind of egg that appears in specific levels, so be sure to revisit some earlier levels if you need more Merfolk power.

Just bear in mind that repeating levels requires keys still, and if you’ve spent a little bit with the game you’ll know that keys regenerate at a very slow pace, so repeating earlier levels too much can be problematic for forward progress.

Expand your Capital

You may have noticed the bars next to your currencies listed at the top right corner of the screen – these indicate how much free space you have for that respective currency. The more filled in the bar is, the less space you have.

To increase your storage space you need to build the appropriate buildings, accessed in the store. Tap on the cash register on the right side to get to the store, then tap on the hammer to get to the building section.

The first thing you’ll see are hideouts, which help you Merfolk recover stamina. The more expensive the hideout, the quicker stamina will regenerate. The later buildings are coin and pearl storages, so if you feel yourself approaching your cap make sure to build an expansion storage.

Though, if you find yourself nearing your cap, you should just spend your currencies. Spending pearls to improve your capital is always helpful, especially the better hideouts. As for coins, you can always spend them on nests to get more Merfolk.

That wraps up our guide on Ocean Merge! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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