Ocean Merge‘s capital city has players building their own underwater dream land. You’ll need lots of Merfolk to help you get things done, and today’s guide will go over all the different ways to get more Merfolk eggs in Ocean Merge!

Uncover More Capital Land

Your Capital starts the game covers in a thick fog, but it can be cleared once you collect enough Merfolk. Often times these shrouded lands will be hiding Merfolk eggs! When you do find an egg, make sure to hang onto it for maximum merging bonus, and then make sure to merge your existing Merfolk to upgrade them!

Unlock Vaults

Every now and then you’ll receive a locked vault for completing a level. Tap on the treasure chest at the top left corner of the screen and you’ll see you have three slots for vaults, with two more available for purchase if you have the gems (though we don’t recommend doing so).

Collected vaults will automatically be here, but they must be manually started in order to unlock them. Once a vault is unlocking, you have to wait the allotted time and then collect your rewards, which usually include more Merfolk eggs!

Complete the Challenge Levels

Every couple of levels you will come across a challenge level. These levels have a time limit and you must merge the Poseidon statues before the time limit is up to beat the challenge.

These challenges often reward you with Merfolk straight up – you don’t even need to merge the eggs! The best part is that these challenge can be repeated up to three times, but the time limit gets stricter and stricter with each try, so you can get up to three Merfolk per challenge level.

Look for the After Level Eggs

And of course, the most direct way to get more eggs is to beat levels and then try to claim them from the after level rewards. If you’re lucky, sometimes the eggs will be in the free rewards, but sometimes they’ll be in the gem rewards. You can get them if you want from the gem rewards, but just keep in mind that gems are incredibly hard to get from playing the game as a strictly free player.

And that covers just about all the ways you can get more Merfolk eggs in Ocean Merge. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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