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Nonstop Knight 2 Skills & Talents Guide: Everything You Need to Know

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you a complete Nonstop Knight 2 guide for Skills and Talents, so that you know exactly what are some of the best setups that you can go for.

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In this game, you will have a few predetermined skills and talents, but you can choose your very own unique combination of each, so no matter if you like frost damage or fire damage, you can even combine the two!

But first things first – we will cover the basics, so that you know exactly what we are talking about! So, are you ready? Let’s dive right into the Nonstop Knight 2 Skills & Talents guide!

Nonstop Knight 2 – What are Skills & Talents?

Firstly we are cover the very basics, and that means we will explain what they are, where you can find them, and also what they are good for.

What are the Skills?

So basically, the Skills are your active spells, which come in three categories: Primary Skills, Secondary Skills and Ultimate Skills. All of these categories have 4 skills, but you can only pick one active skill out of each (you will have a total of 3 skills).

Each of the categories has 2 skills belonging to frost and 2 belonging to fire, so you can make a pretty varied build, even combining both. You can find the Skills in the Inventory -> Skills.

What are the Talents?

The Talents are like your passive skills, or masteries. You can have a maximum of 3 Talents equipped at once, and they are not necessary element related, even though there are a few dedicated to frost, and a few dedicated to fire.

There are also pretty general Talents, which boost your overall stats, no matter what element you have an affinity for (like Inspiration for example, which increases your maximum Mana). You can find the Talents in the Inventory -> Talents.

Nonstop Knight 2 – What are the best Skills?

In game there are a total of 12 skills (4 belonging to each category). These are the Primary Skills:

Ice Blast: You get it when you start, and it’s pretty good – it chills the enemies.

Cleave Strike: I prefer Cleave Strike to Ice Blast because it generates Focus, which boosts the critical strike chance.

Flashfire: It’s a great movement skill, and if you combine that with a full Fire build, you can make amazing stuff happen.

Torchform: It’s pretty good, but I prefer Flashfire.

These are the Secondary Skills:

Leap: You get this when you start, and honestly I don’t really think it’s that great, even though the damage is good.

Whirlwind: Definitely preferring this over Leap, when it comes to Frost damage, because it is much more reliable (with Leap you can miss – a lot!).

Blazing Nova: It’s a great AoE skill which deals tons of damage in an area around you.

Rolling Flame: I don’t really recommend using this, as Blazing Nova is much better – or even Whirlwind if you want to mix them up.

These are the Ultimate Skills:

Tornado: It’s a decent crowd control skill, but it doesn’t have amazing damage.

Frostfall: An absolutely amazing damage dealing skill, and if you have a frost build, you should get this!

Flame Breath: If you want super strong single target damage, this is the one for you.

Solar Sentry: This skill summons a sentry which taunts the enemies, so if you are not really that tanky, it could be good – however, Frostfall and Flame Breath are better in my opinion.

Overall, I really prefer the Flashfire – Blazing Nova – Flame Breath combo, because with some good Talents you will be unstoppable. You can also try out Cleave Strike – Whirlwind – Frostfall, if you prefer a more AoE hands-on build.

Nonstop Knight 2 – What are the best Talents?

Since you can only have a maximum of 3 Talents at once, I really urge you to try out different combos, and see which one works the best for you. I personally prefer Pyromancy, Fiery Temper and Dancing Flame, as my character’s build is a fire one.

There are also general Talents which, if you have a powerful Legendary or Epic set, could work better than element dedicated Talents. For example, the Craven gear set I have relies on dodging, so it works well with the Dancing Flame Talent.

Either way, in my opinion these are the best Talents overall:

– Primal Tactics (especially if you pair it with Ruthless and Roaring Cleave)

– Ranged Mastery

– Cold-hearted (along with Boss Stopper / Shattering Leap and Frostbite)

– Fiery Temper

– Dancing Flame

– Pyromancy

– Overheat (this could work if you have good sustain and defenses)

It really all depends on what gears you have, because some skills might work better under some circumstances, while others will be better just to boost your general active skills.

Nonstop Knight 2 – How to get more Skills & Talents?

If you were wondering how you can get more Skills and Talents, then look no further because I will tell you everything! This is how you can get more skills and talents:

– You can get new skills and talents when you level up, by receiving a Skill Pack.

– You can buy new skills in the Shop by checking the Vendor tab – they cost Gems – and usually you get multiple fragments.

– You can buy new talents in the Shop as well, right next to the skills. They also cost Gems, but the shop resets every now and then, so make sure you check it back often.

– Buy Skill Packs with 250 Gems. This contains both Skills and Talents, and that is a great way to get random ones (unless you want specific ones, in which case just wait for them to be in the shop).

This would be pretty much how you can get more Skills and Talents. The Skills can be upgraded quite a bit (up to level 20, 30) and the Talents even more (up to level 30, 50). It will take some time grinding them out, but make sure you do this whenever you have enough fragments.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I generally prefer a full fire build (this worked the best for me so far, and it’s still doing a good job), but some people might find it easier to deal with a combined build with both fire and frost. Now, it’s all up to you (and your luck in getting the skills you want).

This would be everything for our Nonstop Knight 2 Skills & Talents guide! Don’t forget to check out our game guide to learn more about the game and how you can get better, and also – if you have some other suggestions regarding the skills, maybe something that we haven’t mentioned, leave it down in the comments below!

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