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Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Tier List

Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Tier List
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Nonstop Game stays true to its name — the fun never stops, especially if you have the right team of heroes in your corner who will keep fighting the forces of evil even when you step away from your phone.

However, assembling the right team when you have more than 200 heroes from five different factions at your disposal is not easy. Since Nonstop Game is gacha-based, you will be summoning heroes of a different quality level and with a varying number of stars. Still, getting a 5-star character is not that rare.

Considering the number of heroes the game has, we’re presenting our Nonstop Game: Idle RPG tier list of 5-star characters only. So you’ll be getting rid of anyone with four or fewer stars soon anyway.

Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Tier List

Making tier lists of the best heroes depends on many different factors. As your primary focus, you can put general stats, special skills, heroes’ classes, usefulness in different stages of the game, or even just your personal preference. In any way, you are bound to have different rankings almost every time.

We have created this tier list based on our in-game experience and general power levels while considering each character’s potential for growth.

SCarefree Renegade, Scarlet Lisa, Akatsuki the Kirin, Robin, Luna Quinn, Trinity
ASt. Karyn, Jester, Ari Wildclaw, Comet Czar, Captain Alpha, El Dorado, Jack, Tigtron, Natasha Jabber, Wright, Klaw & Daaz,
BFalcon, Rodriguez, Osiris, Echidna, Karasu-Tengu, Chronos, Nezha, Bali Zard, Lilith, Galaxy Lord, Dragonslayer, Enigma, Killer Queen, Meteor Diego, Silver Wing Rayman, Mihaw, Mr. Scarecrow, Queen Bee, Undying Hanzo, Viper Joe, Thrasher Zaak, Rica the Ripper, Blood Blade Kaori, Yeon, Don and Molly, Turbine Ryota, Watchman, Karya, Ironball 5, Anne, Pinkerton
CBlack Widow, Sorid, Zombie Hunter, Flamaru, Minh, Quarterback, Andrea, Toramaru, T5000, War Machine, Deadly Drill, Alzeus, Red Alert, Old Tom, Phantom, Nancy, Mr. Friday, Furnace, Reaper, Redbull, Moe, Brooke, Hawk-1, Soul Stalker, Diablo, Phoebe, Musashi, Laser Eye, Phoenix, Kanana, Blake, Lightning, Pandar, Battle Angel, Sickle, Lurker, Space Hunter, Punisher, Soulflayer, Illusionist, Wolf, Dracula, Gemini, Nephthys, The Ancient, Kagura, Odin, Prince Carter
DGrim Reaper, Tiger Shark, Silent Blade, Latfat, Franken, Panzer, T-rex, Victoria, Iceburge, Red Baron, Blue Lady

The Best Hero in Nonstop Game: Idle RPG—Early Game

Musashi Nonstop Game
Image via TouchTapPlay

Who Is the Best to Start Out With

The best hero in Nonstop Game is a relative category. You will be lucky if you get any of the heroes from our S and A tiers from the get-go, but it is difficult to rely on luck. When we just started the game, we got Musashi and Falcon in our first 10x Summon, which proved to be crucial for success in the main campaign for a long time.

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Musashi is an Assassin with solid ATK and HP stats, but the true star of the show, in this case, is his active skill called Total Rout which deals 500% damage to all enemy targets in the front row. This skill also comes with a chance of lowering enemies’ ATK by 45% for 8 seconds while increasing his ATK by 40% for the same amount of time.

Falcon was excellent in the back row as our chosen Ranger. Thanks to his strong HP stats, this hero was often the last standing and our last hope when facing difficult enemies that would obliterate the front row.

There you have it—our tier list of 5-star heroes in Nonstop Game: Idle RPG. Let us know in the comments about your experiences and favorites, and don’t forget to explore our Nonstop Game codes article and claim your free rewards before they expire!

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Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Tier List


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