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Eversoul Tier List

Eversoul Tier List
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On this page, you will find our complete Eversoul tier list for PvE as well as PvP modes. If you want to know which characters are the best in the game that you should invest your resources in, and which ones you should simply avoid, keep reading!

About the Game

Eversoul is Nine Ark’s most recent video game (published by Kakao Games). On January 5th, 2023, a project that was first known as Soul Artifact back in 2020 was eventually released globally.

You assume the title of “Savior,” and your job is to guide the Souls in their struggle against unidentified enemies. Five Souls that you command will automatically fight for you throughout each combat. The game has a gacha mechanism that allows you to summon a plethora of Souls from 6 different factions and form the best possible team.

Eversoul Tier List – PvE

This list ranks every character in the game based on their PvE performance. During the evaluation of each character, we took into consideration how well the characters perform during every stage of the game. In other words, the rankings below are based on every PvE aspect of the game.

S+Adrianne, Aki, Catherine, Mephistopheles, Talia, Velanna, Vivienne, Honglan, Chloe, Claudia, Lizelotte
SAyame, Claire, Garnet, Jacqueline, Jiho, Linzy, Naiah, Nicole, Nini, Petra, Prim
AClara, Dora, Soonie, Haru, Manon, Mica, Miriam, Rebecca, Seeha
BAira, Violette, Erika, Jade, Xiaolian
CCherrie, Flynn, Renee, Erusha

Image via Eversoul

Eversoul Tier List – PvP

Below, you can find the ranking of every character in Eversoul based on their PvP performance. Their PvE performance is irrelevant to this list. The characters in each tier are sorted alphabetically and not based on their power level.

S+Aki, Adrianne, Catherine, Dora, Petra, Talia, Vivienne, Lizelotte
SAira, Chloe, Clara, Jacqueline, Jade, Mephistopheles, Naiah, Prim, Cherrie, Garnet
AClaire, Haru, Linzy, Mica, Miriam, Rebecca, Seeha, Honglan, Erika, Velanna, Xiaolian, Jiho
BAyame, Erusha, Nicole, Nini, Renee, Soonie, Manon
CFlynn, Violette

This completes our article on the Eversoul tier list. Keep in mind that new game upgrades might easily alter the meta and, thus, our power rankings. We will update our list as needed, so be sure to check back often.

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Eversoul Tier List


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