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Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks

Nonstop Game: Idle RPG Strategy Guide, Tips & Tricks
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Nonstop Game: Idle RPG is an idle RPG where five different races fight for control over the world. With the world on the brink of catastrophe, you must seek out the truth by fighting your way through a mysterious city. Learn some helpful pointers for your journey with our Nonstop Game: Idle RPG tips & tricks strategy guide.

Nonstop Game: Idle RPG tips and tricks

At its core, Nonstop Game: Idle RPG is a tried and true idle game, which means that a lot of your progression is banking on the waiting aspect. For the most part, you will have to wait for resources to come in so that you can power through tough battles. Of course, with some finesse, you can get through at a steady rate, so read on to learn some helpful tips for Nonstop Game: Idle RPG.

Power through the campaign

Nonstop Game: Idle RPG is one of those games where many core features and activities are locked behind main story progression. As such, your primary objective is to progress through the campaign as quickly as you can.

The main reason for clearing the campaign fast is that many of the activities you need to do for daily quests are locked behind the campaign, such as the Skyscraper, Arena, and Lucky Roulette, to name a few.

Finishing your daily quests at every opportunity you get is important for keeping your team up-to-date, as they give you enough materials to upgrade your favorite heroes.

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Check-in every day to claim your idle earnings

Much like other idle games, Nonstop Game: Idle RPG is very dependent on your own ability to keep up with the resource demand. If your heroes start to fall behind, and you do not have enough resources to pump them up, you will unfortunately have to wait for a bit.

To mitigate the downtime as much as possible, be sure to log into the game at least once every day, just to collect your idle earnings. Your party continues to fight even when you are not actively playing the game, earning you resources over time.

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However, your idle earnings have a maximum capacity, so you want to come back to the game occasionally to empty out the resources. This ensures that you have a steady and efficient income of resources.

Experiment with your party formation

If you are having trouble with a battle and your combined party power is near the enemy’s, then you might benefit from changing up your party formation a bit.

If you have not already, we recommend reading through your favorite heroes’ profiles and seeing exactly how their skills work. Depending on their skills, heroes may benefit from being in a certain spot in the formation.

Every hero in the game belongs to a class, and each class specializes in different combat areas. Warriors, for example, boast high HP and defense, which makes them perfect choices for the front row, so they can soak up hits for the party.

Try repositioning your heroes and see how they fare in the new formation, or even switch in some heroes you do not really use—you never know, you might reveal a strategy you never knew you had.

Consider Hero Bonds and Lineup Buffs

Hero Bonds are special buffs that activate when you place heroes that know each other in the active party. These buffs can be somewhat substantial, so it is something to consider when you are putting together a party. You can check what heroes are involved in a Hero Bonds by looking at the hero’s profile.

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Lineup Buff is another type of buff that activates when you put a certain amount of same-type heroes in the active party. For example, using five Mech heroes increases HP and ACC by 20%. Here are all the types of Lineup Buffs:

  • Steel Storm (5 Mech): HP and ACC + 20%
  • Bio Shock (5 Bio): HP + 20%, CRIT Rate + 15%
  • Evolution Wave (5 Gene): HP + 20%, EVA + 10%
  • Power of the Universe (5 Alien): HP + 20%, CRIT DMG + 20%
  • Ultimate Mastery (5 Mystic): HP + 20%, CRIT DMG + 20%
  • Rainbow Halo (5 different types): HP and ATK + 12%
  • Trident (3 and 2 same type heroes): HP and ATK + 8%
  • Quartet (4 same type heroes and 1 unique): HP and ATK + 10%

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Farm the Skyscraper for more hero resources

Most of the walls you hit while playing Nonstop Game: Idle RPG are simply due to low party power. You should not really have a problem with hero EXP or cash, but hero evolve gems are going to be a roadblock early on, as they gate your heroes between level thresholds.

As soon as you unlock it, we highly recommend working your way through the Skyscraper. It functions just like a normal area with battles, but each level rewards you with hero evolve gems, making it very crucial to steady progression.

Reset unused heroes

Every hero can be reset in one of two ways: The normal reset, which resets a hero’s level, rank, and Brain Plug-in while refunding all resources used, and rebirth, which does the same but can only be used on heroes 6-stars and above.

Resetting a hero costs 20 gold, while rebirth is free. If you have some heroes that are just sitting around collecting dust, it may be worth it to reset them, so you can get some resources back.

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Realistically, you only have to do this if you are impatient and want to progress faster, and you cannot wait for the normal idle rewards to come in. You can also do this if you invested a lot of resources into a certain hero only to realize you do not like them that much, but might save them for something else.

However, if you feel that you are not going to use a hero ever again, consider using the Hero Recycler, found in the city. This completely destroys a hero, but in exchange you receive resources, plus a special currency that can only be obtained from recycling heroes. The recycling process is free, as well.

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