1896, in an alternate universe, war rages on. Noblemen: 1896 is a hybrid real-time strategy game and first-person shooter. Wage war on enemy militias in the adrenaline-pumping FPS mode that puts you right in the action! Take the initiative and issue strategic commands in the RTS mode! Our Noblemen: 1896 cheats and tips will help you become the master of both modes and lead your army to victory!

Noblemen: 1896 is a challenging and engaging game. There’s a lot to do here, so let’s get started with our Noblemen: 1896 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Sprint between cover!

Never stop to shoot while you’re standing out in the open – that’s a good way to get yourself killed! Instead, always fire from cover and back down to reload. Remember to keep an eye on the arrow above an enemy, as it’ll show if you’re in effective range or not. You can still shoot enemies outside of your effective range, but you’ll do less damage. When it comes time to move up, be sure to start sprinting. Your Noblemen will sprint until you tell him to stop, and it’s useful for moving to new cover quickly. A fast target is much harder to hit!

Take advantage of the terrain!

Units will gain various advantages depending on where they are on the map when battles occur. For example, units will gain a defensive bonus if they start a fight while they’re on a forest tile. The trees will provide extra cover! There are other factors that you should keep track of too. Units that attack others during the night will gain a small offensive bonus due to the cover of the night. Be sure to keep your units supplied as well – low supplies will cause their morale to drop and they will fire on the enemies much less.

Utilize Commander mode!

Even if you’re not planning on using auto-battle or strategic tactics, Commander mode is still a big help. Commander mode gives you a top-down overview of the battlefield, and you can use it to plan your own tactics without issuing specific orders for your units, if you so wish. If you need help judging where your enemies are in relation to you, pop open the Commander view and take a look. You can even pause battles during this, so you can plan ahead! One good thing to do is to order all of your units the Protect command on your Noblemen. That way, when you take direct control, you’ll have your entire army watching your back.

Capture points and defend them!

A good early game strategy is to capture as many points as you can, ESPECIALLY strategic points. The longer a unit stays on one tile, the higher the defensive bonus will be. If you’re given enough time, you’ll have specific tiles completely locked down, and if you’ve got a lot of supply points under you control you’re near-invincible due to the fact that you can just heal up any damage your units take. This works very well when holding down strategic points to charge up the Earthshaker. Become an immovable wall and don’t let them take their points back!

Beware of melee combat!

While it may sound glorious – to charge your enemies head on and duel them in sword combat – melee combat is actually quite dangerous. You’re locked in melee combat for a couple of seconds and cannot retreat. When deciding whether or not to engage the enemy in close-quarters combat, be sure to look at their numbers. You definitely do not want to rush into a full squad! If it’s only a couple, then it’s probably okay to take them on. Just beware of nearby enemy squads – they can fire on you while you’re busy dueling a different squad!

Basically, there’s a lot of danger that comes with melee combat that’s arguably not worth the risk. There is a little trick to enemy behavior, though. If you get close enough, enemy squads will usually try to charge you and force melee combat. If you keep backpedaling, you’ll be able to get free shots on them, and it’s usually enough to force the enemy to retreat if you don’t end them outright.

That’s all for Noblemen: 1896! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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