No one dies tonight – and you’re here to keep that true! No One Dies Tonight is an endless runner with a twist: you’ve got multiple lanes to keep track of! Your eyes are going to be flying back and forth as you frantically try to keep the stickmen from falling to their doom. You’ll need fast fingers and reflexes to keep everyone alive tonight, and we’re here to help you on your mission with our No One Dies Tonight cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

No One Dies Tonight is a fun and hectic spin on the endless runner formula, and it’s quite challenging. It takes mostly practice, but we’ve got a couple tips for you too. So let’s get started with our No One Dies Tonight tips and tricks guide!


1. Cover at least two lanes!

You’ll need to keep your eyes constantly scanning the entire screen if you want to make sure no one dies tonight! We recommend keeping two fingers ready and have them cover set lanes. It’s best to keep a thumb on the left side of the screen and your other thumb on the right side of the screen, giving you quick access to at least two different lanes.

2. Always make sure the bottom lane is covered!

No matter what difficulty you’re tackling, the bottom lane is always the most important lane. If a stickman falls into a hole on the bottom lane, your game is over! This is why we recommend the bottom lane being one of the two lanes you always have a finger on ready to jump.

3. Spread out the stickmen!

But let’s face it – you’re going to end up having some stickmen fall through holes. As long as it’s not the bottom lane, a stickman will fall down onto the lane below them. They will form a single file line and continue running. Beware! If you have too many stickmen on a single lane, the line will grow so big that clearing the jumps will become much harder if not outright impossible. If you let too many stickmen build up at your bottom lane you might be doomed!

4. Practice on Normal mode!

Before you get ahead of yourself, we highly recommend starting out and practicing on Normal mode. On normal mode you only have to watch over two stickmen, so it’s not too crazy. In this environment you can also practice mastering the tips we’ve mentioned above. With only two to look over you can get used to having two lanes covered at all times, and you can avoid getting them piled up on your bottom lane.

5. Watch the right side!

Your mileage may vary on this but we’ve found it easier to keep track on the lanes by watching the right side. When your eyes are glued to the right side of the screen, you’ll know right away which lanes are going to have to jump. If you can, try practicing jumping without taking your eyes away from the right side of the screen. It’s hard, we know, but if you can master this it’ll be a great help!

That would be, for now, our tips and tricks guide on No One Dies Tonight. If you have any other tips or tricks for survival, let us know in the comments below!



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