Despite its quirkiness, No More Heroes III is still a modern game at heart, coming with all the features players expect to see in video games in this day and age. This includes a New Game Plus mode where it is possible to start over from the beginning while retaining most of the progress made in the previous playthrough.

Here’s everything there is to know about the New Game Plus mode in No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III New Game Plus Details

New Game Plus mode in No More Heroes III allows players to start the game from the beginning while letting you carry over skills and items from the previous playthrough. This mode is unlocked by completing the game at least once on any difficulty. Once this is done, you will find a new option in the main menu that will allow you to start a New Game Plus playthrough.

In New Game Plus mode, as mentioned above, you get to keep all the items you have collected and the skills you have learned. This includes all UtopiCoins, WESN Points, Death Glove Chips, and collectibles. Progress made in Defense Missions, Volunteer Missions and T-Shirt Aliens will also carry over, and so will all the map locations, which will be visible right from the very beginning. What does not carry over is the difficulty setting, as you will have to pick a new one as you start the new playthrough.

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