No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III isn’t just about completing missions and making it out alive from all sorts of different battles, but also about doing it in the most stylish of ways. At the end of all of the game’s missions, your performance will be evaluated according to a few criteria, and the better you have done, the higher your rank will be and the better rewards you will receive.

Here’s how to achieve a high rank in No More Heroes III.

How to Get SS Rank

No More Heroes III employs a ranking system that is used to evaluate your performance at the end of each mission. Rankings go from C to SS, and the higher your rank is, the better your rewards will be.

Your mission rank depends on Clear Time, Damage Taken, and the number of Death Glove skills that you have used. The first is pretty self-explainatory: the faster you complete the mission, the better. The second is also pretty straightforward, as you should aim to get damaged as little as possible anyway, especially if you are playing at a high difficulty level. The third criteria keeps track of the number of Death Glove skills you have used, and the more you do use, the better your rank will be. Since these skills are incredibly useful in a variety of situations, you should have no trouble using enough to get a high ranking.

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