No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Kimmy Love

No More Heroes III

In the previous entries in the series, Travis Touchdown met a lot of peculiar individuals, and some of them are back in No More Heroes III to give him even more trouble. This is definitely the case of Kimmy Love, a famous popstar who once was a sweet girl and one of the biggest fans of Travis. In the new game, however, she means business. Real business.

Here’s how to defeat Kimmy Love without too many troubles.


Kimmy Love is among the bosses you will be fighting in the early parts of the game, as she is encountered during Episode 04 – Sorrow. She comes with a few powerful attacks that can attack from range and prevent you from getting close, as the popstar is weak against all the short-range attacks at Travis’s disposal as well as against his Death Glove skills. As such, getting close to her should be your main focus during this fight.


Kimmy Love drops the Kimmy’s 2nd Single and the Kimmy’s Recorder upon defeat. The latter is only dropped if she is defeated in the Time Machine on Death difficulty.

How to Defeat Kimmy Love

Crush the Drone

Kimmy Love is accompanied by a very annoying drone that will take control of the camera from you, making it harder to get a good view of the battlefield. When this happens, wait for the drone to drop down close to the ground and run straight at it to destroy it. Doing so will let you recover camera control.

Do Not Fear the Fire

Among the many annoying long-range attacks Kimmy Love can unleash is a flamethrower attack that covers quite a bit of ground. To avoid this attack, you should always try to stay in the middle of the fight arena, as it makes it easier to see from which side the flamethrowers are coming from.

Laser Dodging

Another annoying attack to avoid is the laser attack, which can deal a lot of damage and can be hard to dodge. To avoid them completely, you will need to stay near the Bears from which the lasers shoot, as they will not be able to target you in any way.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Kimmy Love


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