Nitrome is a mobile developer known for the crisp pixel art and their fun arcade experiences on the mobile platform. Their games are known for being easy to pick up and play while still being very addicting, but now they are trying their hand a full fledged experience!

Enter Bomb Chicken, Nitrome’s newest game coming soon to iOS and Android. The premise of Bomb Chicken is that after a chance encounter, an ordinary chicken mutates and instead of laying eggs, it now lays bombs! Bomb Chicken must now use its power to discover the truth behind the fast food giant BFC and find out why its making bombs and not eggs!

Bomb Chicken is a 2D platformer with lots of exploration and explosive action. Bomb Chicken can use its bombs to take out BFC employees and other hostile creatures, but that is not all you can do with bombs!

Bomb Chicken can also use its bombs to blast itself to higher platforms, or create explosive shields around it. You can even use bombs as a weight to keep buttons held down, letting you solve puzzles. There are lots of things you can do with bombs!

Bomb Chicken features all of the Nitrome trademarks like gorgeous pixel art, a fun soundtrack, and plenty of in-depth game play. The game is scheduled to launch April 1, 2020.


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