Nitro Racing Go is a really good looking driving-themed idle game for mobile. I really think that it’s the first of its kind – and even if it is not, it’s still an amazing game that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy. And we’re here to help you get the most out of it by sharing a bunch of Nitro Racing Go cheats and tips in our complete guide below.

The truth is that in terms of originality and concept, there’s not a ton of innovation in Nitro Racing Go. However, the good game mechanics go great hand in hand with the beautiful graphics and the game’s fast pace, resulting in a pretty amazing experience.

But let’ not praise Nitro Racing Go anymore and instead let’s check out below some tips and tricks to help you get better and unlock all cars!

Optimize money spent on car parts
Normally, things are pretty obvious when it comes to upgrading your car parts in order to get maximum power: the latest part that you have unlocked gives you the best value for the money. But, after spending a while in the game, you will realize that things are not that simple!

Your car parts can be upgraded (see below) and these upgrades greatly influence the power output they offer. In my case, I received a level-up upgrade for the first car part that you have unlocked and it has offered better value for the money than all the other parts… so I got it first to level 125 while all the others were at level 25 at most.

So always do the math and make sure that you spend your money on the part that gives you the biggest gains in terms of car power. If you’re lucky as I was to get an upgrade for the early parts, things are going to be very cheap for you too!

Upgrade the parts’ perks

There is another thing to have in mind when it comes to leveling up your parts: the milestone boosts, which are received when you upgrade a specific part to level 10, level 25, 50 and so on. Check out the boosts of all the parts you have and see which ones should be unlocked first for maximum gains.

This usually goes hand in had with the first advice, giving you the bigger boost to parts that you have already boosted.

Don’t forget about the boosters

You can’t get the parts boosted without actually purchasing some booster packs. You can get those from the shop and you need to spend coins that you earn from beating bosses in order to purchase them.

The more coins you spend, the better the boosts that you will get – but there are so many to unlock and the effects of even the common ones are so good, especially early on, that it’s worth buying a few of the cheapest first and only afterwards start hoarding for the more expensive ones.

These are completely random and you need a ton of each in order to level them up and you can also sell excess ones for extra coins. This is not something I would recommend though as an upgrade of the booster greatly improves that part’s performance.

Keep the skills for the boss battles
As you play, you will unlock various skills that you can activate every now and then. There’s a 30 minute cooldown after using each one, so it’s best to keep them for when they matter: for the boss battles.

Activate them all right before getting into a boss race, then win it without any problems. Make sure that you have the tap bonus to the maximum and that you keep on tapping in order to get the best results and beat the bosses easily.

The only one that you don’t have to wait for a boss battle to activate is the Sponsor Cash skill: you should activate that as soon as it’s available in order to maximize your monetary gains for a short while.

Watch ads for the extra goodies… and the blueprints!

When you see the option on the track to swipe to a side, you should do that. After a short while, you’ll get the chance to watch an ad for various rewards. These are usually not great, but sometimes are really good. The best part is that for every ad you watch, you get a blueprint – and those are needed to unlock new cars in the game. So you can eventually get there without paying any money – although it will take you a really long time!

Reset and get Crew Members
After each league that you complete (10 tournaments in each), you can reset your progress and start over, but with some extra crew members to make your life a lot easier. It takes a while to even get to the first reset, but the crew you unlock will come in handy.

Just make sure that when you reset your progress and start over you have enough tickets to buy new crew members or level up your existing ones enough times in order to really make a difference. This usually happens when you hit a wall: a place in the game when the boss seems impossible to beat, even after investing more in your Car Parts and using your skills.

These would be our Nitro Racing Go tips and tricks. If you have additional bits of advice to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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