Nitro Nation Stories Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Nitro Nation Stories comes to you at full speed with its high speed drag races! You play as Justin Carr as he races through beautiful cities in a story of revenge. Nitro Nation Stories has a very simple control scheme, which is good because the main thing you need to control is your speed and shifting. We’ll help you master the streets with our Nitro Nation Stories cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Tap rapidly for perfect start!

During the start of a race, you need your odometer to land in the green zone for a perfect start. Quick taps will make your speed shoot up, so do it enough to try to get around the green zone. If you overextend into the red zone, any further taps will give huge boosts to your odometer, and you don’t want that! Let it drop back into the neutral zone before you tap anymore. With practice you should be able to nail it down every time.

2. Keep upgrading your car!

As you win races, you unlock upgrade parts for your car. Your car has five slots for each upgrade type, so fill them up as soon as you can. Every little bit helps, and your car’s overall rating will increase as you install upgrades, enabling you to tackle the harder races. Do note that the nitro slot needs to be unlocked before you can start upgrading it. Do so as soon as you can!

3. Get your free crates!

You can purchase crates off the black market to get parts without having to win them. They cost a lot of funds by themselves, but you can get free crates. Iron crates, which contain common items, can be opened for free every 10 minutes. You can open a total of 5 before you have to wait for them to become free again. Platinum crates contain super rare items but can only be opened for free once every two days. Enable notifications to make sure you don’t miss a crate!

4. Be a daredevil!

On the slalom levels, you will have to swerve out of traffic’s way to get a lead on your opponent. If you wait until the very last second to switch lanes, you’ll receive a “near miss” bonus which will grant you extra money at the end of a level. This is just one of the ways to earn bonus monies. The other ways you can get more is to perfect shift as often as you can and do a perfect start as well.

5. Free race!

The story missions ramp up in difficulty pretty quickly. Eventually, you’ll hit a point where your car just isn’t powerful enough to cut it. In this case, take on the Street Races and Division races. These have adjustable difficulties, and every time you win them you’ll earn more upgrades for your car. For street races, the higher the difficulty you set, the better the upgrades will be.

That’s all for Nitro Nation Stories. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Nitro Nation Stories Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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