Nitro Nation Online is the premier multiplier drag racing game. Pick a car, deck it out to your liking, and challenge the world! Join a team, invite your friends, and become the most famous racers ever! Trade parts, discover new blueprints, and challenge other players in the online world of Nitro Nation. We’ll help you start your racing career with our Nitro Nation Online cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Rev up gently at the beginning!


The beginning boost is a bit tricky to pull off. The slightest tap of the gas will skyrocket your speed, so you’re going to want to time it. Wait until you see the “3” countdown appear, then try to time your revs with the countdown. If you do it right you should be able to time your last rev so that your speedometer’s needle is in the middle, which counts as a perfect start.

2. Keep you eye on the needle!

Keeping your eye on the speedometer’s needle is key to landing perfect shifts. Alternatively, you can watch the number gauge. When you’re approaching perfect shifting zone, a yellow light start to blink under the numbers. Once it reaches into the optimal zone, it’ll turn green. Keep in the mind that the early shifts are usually the hardest, as your speed fluctuates faster at lower gears. You need to be really quick to land these perfect shifts!

3. Blueprints can specialize your car!

Aside from the normal upgrades, sometimes you can win blueprints from races. Blueprints often provide bigger boosts than the normal upgrades, but at a price – they usually have some kind of downgrade to them. If you want, you can plan your car around to specialize in one category, making it excel at one thing but not be so great at others. Be sure to weigh the stat changes before you commit to an upgrade! Alternatively, you can also sell your blueprints. They’re worth gold coins – the premium currency of the game – so that’s significant!

4. Need money? Race another player!

Street races are unlocked after you completed the second story mission. Street race will match make you with a random player. Race it out with them and if you manage to win, you’ll earn a nice amount of money, usually around 100. If you’re having trouble with the story challenges, consider earning money through random street races and upgrade your car.

5. Join a team!

Teams are player-created groups that offer all the members special benefits, depending on how good the team is. If you can, try to join a high level one! Just be warned though, these will usually have a certain rank requirement before you can join, and the leader can kick you if they feel it is appropriate. Try to find a suitable one, because the bonuses are nice. For example, there’s a bonus that grants you an increased chance to earn a blueprint from winning a race!

Nitro Nation Online is all about your shift control. Practice your timing, consider these tips, and you’re good to go! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share with us, leave a comment below!



  1. Is it possible to buy customizations with cash or do you HAVE to pay with gold coins? If so could you explain the unfairness?

  2. Shepard the customizations can be won randomly after some race or from underground races like a prize.If you want some cool customization you can always buy it for gold.The gold costs money but that’s the game works :(

  3. Really chuckles Unfair why because they spend thousands of hrs making the game and want to get paid for it . How is that unfair . Man up and do the work get parts and sell them in the market if ya to cheap to drop a few dollars into a game you like and got for free drops Mic

  4. Does anybody no why the difficulty of stage 2 level 10 changed from hard to impossible because all I did was try to use my other car that wasn’t the right class?

    • Because the car is for the wrong class I tried using my blueprinted S2000 on the B/B1 Races and it said impossible

  5. you must have a car in the class of the tournament you want to race. remember not always the highest price cars are the best. a car has to be built and tuned just right at the right lvl to make a good race car.


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