If there’s one thing that makes playing on mobile devices really great it the fact that you can enjoy on the go some of the best games of the past through emulators.

Some of them have appeared on the App Store through shell apps but have always been taken down by Apple due to the whole piracy issues that come with emulators, forcing gamers to jailbreak their devices in order to install some of these emulators.

Today a brand new emulator is now available for download for iOS devices, an emulator that doesn’t require jailbreak as it can be installed without going through the App Store.

We’re talking about NDS4iOS, a Nintendo DS Emulator which has been developed by the same guys behind the excellent GBA4iOS, a GameBoy Color/GameBoy Advance emulator. NDS4iOS is a really excellent emulator loaded with features which allow gamers to enjoy some of the best games released on Nintendo DS on their own iOS devices. Among some of the features of the emulator are iOS 7 controller compatibility, Dropbox integration and more. You can also reposition the two screens however you wish and interact with the lower screen just as you do on a real DS console.

NDS4iOS is now available for iOS devices through the emulator’s official website. Make sure to ready all the documentation on the site before installing the emulator. Considering the app hasn’t been tested thoroughly¬†by Apple, there could be some issues that could damage your devices if not careful.



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