Become the best ninja ever in NinjAwesome! NinjAwesome is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that puts you in the shoes of a – what else – ninja! Run, jump, and slide your way through a perilous path full of traps and enemies. Throw shurikens to take out your foes, find treasure chests, and gain awesome new shurikens. It’s fun and easy to pick up and play game, but it can get pretty challenging, so we’re here with our NinjAwesome cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Break all the lanterns!


Lanterns floating around will drop five coins when they’re broken. Try to destroy as many as you can, as they will be your main source of coins. Sometimes, they’ll even drop one of the two power ups as well, which will help you perform better. Enemies also drop five coins upon defeat, so don’t forget about them. Just make sure to watch your shuriken meter!

2. Slide before the statues!

The grey statues can be broken if you slide into them. However, if you end up waiting too long and get too close, you won’t be able to break them! You see, your ninja’s slide has a bit of warm up time to it, and if he collides with something before the actual slide starts, the animation will be interrupted. The game likes to hide objectives and lanterns behind the statues, so make sure you get a running start when attempting to break them.

3. Open your chests!

Upon beating a level, you will be rewarded with a chest. To open it, you simply have to tap it and then wait the allotted time. Your ninja can only carry four chests at a time, and the game will warn you if you attempt to play another level while holding four chests. Be sure that you have a chest opening at all times, otherwise you’ll be wasting precious time! Chests contain a random amount of coins in them, and sometimes you’ll even find new shuriken skins inside!

4. Upgrades!

You can upgrade your ninja in a variety of ways. You can improve the two power ups you can find, increase the amount of time you can slide, the amount of shurikens you can throw, or how many hits your ninja can take before he goes down. They’re all really helpful, but we like to upgrade health first. Being able to make a mistake but keep going is incredibly useful! The new shurikens you can get don’t seem to make any gameplay differences, they just change the way your shurikens look.

5. Need coins? Play endless!

Have you completed all of your current missions and are now waiting for new ones? Why not give Endless mode a shot? In this mode, there are no objectives – you just try to see how far you can go without dying. This is a great way to earn coins while waiting for new missions to pop up.

That’s all for NinjAwesome. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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