Ninja Warriors is a neat little action RPG where you become a hero! Choose from either a fighter, mage, or rogue, utilize really cool looking abilities and spells, and take out all the enemies! Along the way, you’ll be able to befriend spiritual faeries known as “faens”. Bring these guys with you on your quests to improve the odds! We’ll help you develop your character and become the ultimate hero with ourĀ Ninja Warriors cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Follow the quests!


Tapping the button in the top right corner will automatically make your character go to the next quest location. You should always be doing these quests, as they will reward you with a lot of experience and gold! They will also make sure that all of the game’s mechanics are explained to you properly, like upgrading your Faes, so don’t skip out on them!

2. Upgrade your equipment!

Your hero has six equipment slots. Did you know that each individual piece of gear can be enhanced? All you see is some gold, and you can enhance your gear to provide you with better stat boosts. You can only enhance it up to your hero’s maximum level, so you need to make sure you’re adequately experienced first.

3. Collect the freebies!

Much like these free MMO games, there are plenty of freebies for you to collect!

  • Because the game just launched, you can find a welcoming pack in your mail. This contains upgrade materials, experience boosters, and more!
  • Tapping the Roulette button on the main menu lets you spin a roulette to win a variety of prizes. You get a free spin if you level up a certain amount of times, and you get another free spin once a day.
  • Claim your achievement rewards! Getting achievements aren’t just for bragging rights – they also have unique rewards to them as well!
  • Get your daily sign-in bonus! You get gold and even diamonds from these check ins, so don’t miss them. Make sure to log in at least once a day!
  • You’ll receive online rewards just for being logged into the game. Look for the present icon on the right side of the screen. These usually only contain gold. You can collect them every couple of minutes!

4. Upgrade your Faen!

Arguable more important than your own personal gear, Faen are little companions that follow you around. They will provide you with passive stat boosts, and they are key to growing your character. You can equip up to a maximum of four provided you are high enough level. There a multitude of ways to improve your faen, but the most important thing to watch out are combos. If you tap on a faen and look at their details, there’s a combo list button. If you pair the faen with another faen in the combo list, you’ll receive bonus effects! These effects are pretty helpful, so if you can, try to take the appropriate faen.

5. Use all of your skills!

Depending on what class you started out as, you’ll have a bunch of skills at your disposal. Try them all out and don’t hesitate to use them! A lot of them have short cooldowns so take out as many enemies as you can! Remember that you’re rated on speed, so unleash everything!

That’s all for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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