Ninja Up Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide


Ninja Up is a game with a simple premise; however this general rule for games tends to lead to some addictive gameplay. The objective is to gain the highest score possible by jumping towards the top of each level. Along the way you will have to avoid obstacles, and keep an eye on where the Ninja is due to land. Read through this Ninja Up Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to keep this game as Ninja Up experience rather than Ninja Down one!

1. Rope length
How high you jump depends on the length of the rope, the shorter you swipe the higher the Ninja will go, and this is significantly higher so it is useful to practice, as this can help you advance further. This will give you less margin of error though and a longer swipe will give you a higher probability of keeping you in the game therefore it is important to balance between the two. If you have clear time and space to make the jump longer then this will help you get some really good distance.

2. It’s all in the eyes
Timing when you should swipe to create the next jump is very important. It can be hard to figure out where the Ninja is due to fall. Therefore a good way to predict this is by looking at the character’s eyes. When in full flight the Ninja will look up towards the sky, there is a brief moment before the Ninja is due to fall where their eyes will stop looking upwards and look back down. At this moment you know that their momentum has gone and they will begin to fall.

3. Avoiding obstacles
Avoiding the obstacles in the game is the hardest part, by keeping your jumps high some obstacles will not be an issue as the distance you generate will mean that you bypass them completely. However some are unavoidable and relies on your dexterity to navigate past them. It is best to change the direction of the jump and you can do this by swiping diagonally. There is also a method of swiping across the screen to form a curved rope which will help alter the direction the Ninja will jump towards.

4. Margin of error
Your initial swipe can be corrected, if you do happen to swipe in the wrong place the game allows you to change the placement of the rope. You will have to quickly swipe the screen again and a new rope will appear.

5. Keeping on the straight and narrow
Keeping towards the centre of the screen will help you advance the furthest through the game. This is not possible all the time due to obstacles, however whenever you are given a clear path the best thing to do is to stay as central as possible. This can be done by swiping the rope and keeping it as horizontal as possible. The shorter you keep the rope the more likely you will be to keep the rope in a straight line; however this will affect the margin of error so accuracy is important.

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Ninja Up Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide


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