There is a new endless runner there that might end up having the success Subway Surfers had: Ninja Kid Run, an iOS exclusive running game featuring a funny ninja running away from a dog in an Asian-themed city. The game is absolutely brilliant and I am sure you want to be the best of your friends, so I am here to share with you some Ninja Kid Run cheats, a series of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get that endless run and a high score of a ninja master.

I always think that with a good and solid strategy you can get very far in any game, and these Ninja Kid Run tips and tricks will prove you that I am right!

1. Probably one of the most important things in the game is that hitting stuff is not always game over, it will just bring the dog closer, but you’ll get ahead soon. Rolling barrels or vases and even some boards if you just swipe to them will just slow you down, so always have that in mind if there are more obstacles ahead and you know you won’t be able to avoid them: go for the ones that slow you down, not for the huge brick wall!

2. Master the jumping: Not only that you can change lanes while jumping or go straight into a roll by swiping down, but jumping helps you get from wall to wall or from chariot to chariot and can make the difference between a good run and a game over. Unfortunately, it’s all about skill here so keep practicing your jumping from one lane to another until you become the jump master.

3. 5x Score multiplier: this is probably the most important power-up for you to get if you want a huge high score because it does exactly what it says: it gives you 5 times more points while it is active. So make sure you always collect this power-up when you see it, and also make it the first one to improve in the store.

4. Always look ahead: it’s very important to know what’s coming so you can be on the right lane, so make sure you use all the chances you get (like jumps or high platforms) to check out what’s coming ahead. Be prepared and quick because the pace increases as you progress!

5. What boost upgrades to purchase (at the moment of writing this, in my case, the boost purchasing behaves strangely, taking more coins than indicated for an upgrade. Still, you have to get the upgrades!)

5x multiplier: As stated above, this is the most important boost in my opinion, so make sure to get it upgraded first because it will help you get much better scores faster.
2x Multiplier: Basically, everything about the 5x multiplier goes for this one, which only doubles your score. You should take it, though.
Coin magnet: Although not as useful, you will come across it really often, so it will help you make more coins in the long run, so it’s really worth investing a couple of times in the magnet too.
Invincible: Again helpful as it basically gives you one extra life, but pretty rare when you run. The third to focus on.
Super Fly: Extremely rare but extremely useful. When you fly, you are sure you’ll never hit an obstacle, so it would be a good idea to maximize it too, but only after the three above.

I personally consider the Super Jump pretty useless, and I would upgrade them only after I am done with the rest of the boosts.

6. Cheat by buying coin packs: you can spend real money to get a Bag of Coins, for example, and you will have 55,000 coins to spend on all the upgrades you want.

7. Single Use Specials to buy:

An extremely useful special is the Score Booster which only costs 200 coins and gives you 2x score multiplier for the entire run. This is obviously one you would like to purchase when you are comfortable with the game and when you still have some revivals left, so you can continue the run after it’s over. This, if used wisely, can help you get a super great high score!

Other single use specials that I would recommend getting is the Pack of Revivals (they cost real money though).

8. Complete the missions: you have sets of three missions available and they reward you nice packs of coins, and usually they are pretty easy to complete, because you can do them in more than one run. Make sure to complete them and never use coins to skip them.

These are our cheats and tricks for Ninja Kid Run for iOS. If you have other tips to share, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!


  1. I hit the 5x but the score never increases by 5 times, same with the 2x It never doubles. What am I doing wrong? The green slide moves on the 5x until the time is up, but score doesn’t increase 5 times


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