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Goddess of Victory Nikke Skill Leveling Priority | Guide & Tips

This is how to level skills in Nikke.

Skills are the backbone of a Nikke’s power. Without them, they don’t have the support they need to be successful against raptures. However, some skills are better than others and you only have so many resources to level them with, so here is your ultimate Nikke skill leveling priority guide.

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For instance, we have a complete guide for Goddess of Victory Nikke Snow White, complete with build, skills and everything else you might be interested in learning!

What Units You Should Focus on Skill Leveling in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

Before you get into skills, you need to decide which units you’ll be using because you don’t want to throw away your tight resources. Remember that the more you level a unit, the more rigorous the material requirements will become.

At the beginning of the game, pick between 5 and 7 units that you plan to be your go-to. The starter purple units are all a solid choice for early gameplay, and you can level all of their skills in any order you like; it’s the Nikkes with more specific abilities you have to look closer at. After you unlock the Synchro Machine, you’ll even be able to use SSR units without leveling them.

Skills are leveled up using Skill Manuals that you can get in the shop, the simulation room, and by playing the game. You can often find them in the special boxes you periodically get as rewards. When it comes to actually choosing which of those skills to level, it’s just a matter of which ones are useful.

How to Use Skill Priority in Goddess of Victory Nikke

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Let’s look at the unit Snow White as an example of what your approach should be. Her second skill and Burst skills are fantastic, both are straightforward and easy to use. Her first skill however has a mechanic that only allows it to work after she’s attacked with her regular attack 30 times.

This makes it unreliable and really doesn’t have a purpose in short battles. Therefore, you should prioritize the first two over this one since they’re more practical. When it comes to all Nikkes, pick the skills with universal power over the specific ones.

Time is ticking, so you might want to head over to the Simulation Room now and get to farming those Skill Manuals today in Goddess of Victory Nikke!

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Goddess of Victory Nikke Skill Leveling Priority | Guide & Tips