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Nikke Scarlet Build Guide

Nikke Scarlet Build Guide
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You might think all of Nikkes characters are gunslingers, but that’s actually not true. Meet Scarlet, the wandering swordswoman rapture killer. One of the original Goddess Nikkes, she travels alone on the surface, slicing up any monster she comes across. Interestingly, despite the isolation, she seems quite content on her own.

It’s important to remember that the Pilgrim Nikkes have lived by themselves on the surface for 100 years, so in that time, it’s likely they’ve grown to appreciate their own company. Scarlet is probably the best attacker in the game, so if you were able to get her, we’re highly jealous. This is your ultimate Nikke Scarlet build guide.

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How To Use Scarlet In Battle In Nikke

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Credit to Shift Up

Scarlet is a burst three unit, meaning like the others, she has a lot of main character energy. These units are your damage dealers, the ones that finish off the enemies. Since they tend to be all muscle and no sustenance, they need the help of supporter units to survive. This is why you should have at least one of each on your team. It’s also important to have the right order so that you can do a team attack. At the beginning of the game, you can get away with cheesing, but as you get deeper it’s important to follow these rules for success.

Scarlet’s Skills And Fighting Style In Nikke

This samurai can take a little bit to get going, but she’s worth it. Basically, the longer she’s in a battle, the better her power will be. This is because she gets stronger as her HP goes down. All of her skills and powers are connected to this mechanic. Her burst skill will boost her critical rate once her HP is cut in half.

Her first skill will be triggered after she reaches a certain number of attacks while her second one will boost her attack when she’s attacked. She’s the ideal unit for long boss fights. Scarlet’s only downfall is that she takes a long time to reload her weapon, so she needs to be put with a unit that can reduce the cooldown for that. Besides that, she’s a fantastic battler.

Help Scarlet and the other girls take back the surface today in Goddess of Victory: Nikke!

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Nikke Scarlet Build Guide