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Emma Build Guide in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Emma Build Guide in Goddess of Victory: Nikke
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Looking for an older sister who takes care of you? Emma will gladly fill that role, but you may want to take her cooking with a grain of salt—or sugar. She has a reputation for being one of the worst cooks among the Nikkes, but she’s so kind and loving though that no one can say no to her gnarly dishes. You wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings, right?

On the other hand, Emma is a very strong battler who is part of the elite Absolute squad with Vesti and Eunhwa. Despite their flaws, she adores her squad mates and will always be there for them. This is your ultimate Nikke Emma build guide.

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Emma’s class in Nikke

emma from nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Echoing her personality, Emma’s specialties mostly come in the form of healing as a Support class Nikke. She has some offensive capabilities, but they don’t do much damage, so you want to put her in a position where her recovery powers can be utilized. She’s a burst one SSR, which is interesting because many SSRs tend to be attacker units. Therefore, if you get her, you can probably have a better unit to start a burst than the SR Neon.

For those unfamiliar, Burst is the battle system in Nikke and the order in which units are activated when triggering a group attack. It’s very important to follow for success.

Emma’s skills in Nikke

Emma’s first skill is okay, but it leaves something to be desired, as its performance depends on your luck. That is because it only has a five percent chance to be triggered, making it unreliable most of the time. Her second skill works as long as her HP bar remains above 90 percent, so make sure to keep an eye on that. You want to do this for her Burst skill as well, whose potency also depends on HP count.

Overall, Emma is a pretty solid Support unit. You can meet her by downloading Goddess of Victory: Nikke today!

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Emma Build Guide in Goddess of Victory: Nikke