Gacha games like Nier Reincarnation and others offer players free premium currency for performing their initial gacha pulls. If a player gets a good character or weapon, he can continue playing the game on the same profile. But, if the obtained character or weapons are not good, they might wanna try to perform reroll.

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In this article, we will talk about how to reroll in Nier Reincarnation whilst sharing a complete reroll process.

How to Reroll in Nier Reincarnation

To reroll in Nier Reincarnation, players have to progress the game’s story to the point till they can claim the pre-registration and other free rewards. Once that is done, players can use the free Gems to perform gacha pulls on Nier Reincarnation‘s available banners to get their favorite character and weapons.

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Assuming you are not lucky enough to get good characters or weapons, you can follow the below steps to do a reroll.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Select Nier Reincarnation.
  • Clear the game data.

Or, if you want a more simple step, then try to create a new account and log in with it to Nier Reincarnation. Alternatively, players can also delete and reinstall the game.

Nier Reincarnation Reroll process

Here is a detailed version of the Nier Reincarnation reroll process from user Remi #7426(discord).

  • Advance the prologue
  • Collect your pre reg. Rewards (4,500 gems so far) through the mail.
  • Click the mama button then the theatre & do your first 10x roll now. Only continue if you get 1-2 four star characters.
Image Credit – Remi
  • Tap Mama 100 times to get 3,000 gems (Won’t get reward till starting Ch.2)
Image Credit – Remi
  • Clear Chapter 1. Click the check box to skip story segments.
Image Credit – Remi
  • Collect your rewards at the start of Ch. 2 and roll in gacha.
  • If unhappy with results, start reroll process over

That’s all for now. If you are not aware of the current roster of playable characters in Nier Reincarnation, check out our previous article that talks about every playable character in Nier Reincarnation.

NieR Re[in]carnation is an action roleplaying game coming to Android and iOS platforms.

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